What to give to a creative

What to give to a creative

What to give to a creative. What to give a creative? If you were to make a ranking of people to whom it is easy to give a gift, in reality, at the top of the list, we could put him, the creative. The word “creative” means all those people who, in front of a blank canvas – or a blank sheet – see new work, a new creation. Then, when they find a colored pencil left there by chance, you know those people who immediately start looking for a piece of paper to scribble?

If you want to give a creative gift – for a birthday, for Christmas, for an anniversary – a long list of gift ideas unfolds in front of you. The difficulty is not so much in finding gifts, as in choosing the most suitable! But we want to help you: in this article, we will present you with 10 ideas to making a creative or landscape drawing.

What to give to a creative: a table easel

There are many types of easels for painting. There are trestles for the countryside, to be taken practically anywhere, even on steep terrain, thanks to their three telescopic legs. There are studio ones, larger and heavier, made to always remain in the atelier. And then there are the table easels.

These are small easels, designed to be used precisely on a desk or table, perfect for struggling with canvases or sheets of not extremely large dimensions. We think it is the ideal gift for the creative, who can thus transform a corner of the house into a small atelier for painting and drawing, in a few seconds, whenever he wants to give free rein to his desire for art.

What to give to a creative: a binder for the portfolio

Some creative keep their ideas, their designs, and their projects to themselves and jealously cultivate their passion for years and years without showing the fruits of their work to a living soul.

And there are those who, instead, to get feedback, to monetize their hobby, or to find a job in the field of art, illustration or design, have every interest in showing their best works to other people. Hence, it becomes essential to have a container suitable for containing your portfolio: it, therefore, means having a binder that allows you to present your works well, in a professional way, without neglecting to protect them.

Gift ideas for a creative: pastels

What to give to a creative

So simple, so practical to use, so immediate. Perhaps, not hanging out in the art world, you might think that pastels are outdated accessories or possibly reserved for the little ones. Well, that’s not the case at all: with soft pastels, you can create extraordinary works.

The beauty is that, as anticipated, painting with soft pastels is an immediate, incredibly satisfying activity. It is because it is a dry technique, which does not require water or other thinners. It is a pure approach designed for true creative!

Gift ideas for a creative: the pencil and marker case

The actual creative should always have – or almost – everything they need to create, draw and color with them. So why not give it a chance with an artist’s carry case?

An inexpensive gift for a creative: drawing pads

Following the same principle as above, a creative should always have at least a paper pad for sketches and sketches to stop an idea and develop it. For an economical and practical gift, it is, therefore, possible to give one or more drawing blocks, for pencil sketches, for watercolors, for oil colors, for acrylics the choice is yours!

An original gift for a creative: a kit for calligraphy

In new times, “fine paper” is behind in order. Here then comes elegant cursive, convoluted letters, small miniatures worthy of medieval copyists. But to make Gothic letters, chancery letters, or so on ideally, you need to have the right tools.

It follows that to make a creative happy, it might be a good idea to give a set for calligraphy, complete with nibs and inks.

Essential accessories for a creative: professional markers

Not all markers are the same. There are those designed for children, which can be bought in supermarkets and newsstands. And then there are those made for illustrators, artists, and designers: we are talking about felt-tip pens and professional markers, with high hiding power, perfect to be used on different surfaces. So why not give away a complete set of professional designations? There are 12, 24, or even 96 pieces!

What to give to a creative: brushes

When you think of art, you think of a painting. Here then is that to the creative who wants to give free rein to his craft, it becomes almost natural to give brushes, even better if quality brushes, such as synthetic ones, which thanks to their softness, their resistance, and their color retention, can be used for different painting techniques.

Small, large, flat, pointed, round, cat’s tongue, fan-shaped: why not give a nice set of brushes?

What to give to a creative: acrylic ink

Have you ever heard of acrylic ink? It is a special ink designed for the Fine Arts, which can use in many different ways. For example, these inks can be used with the brush like acrylic colors; they can use with the nib to make calligraphy, with an airbrush, with a brush, with your fingers. In short, a real treasure for a creative!


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