What to know about Wire Drawing Dies?

What to know about Wire Drawing Dies?

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Know the process

Pcd wire drawing dies process is quite simple when concept is concerned. Wire is first shrunk by hammering, swaging, rolling or filing it. This is done to ensure it fits the die perfectly. Then, wire gets pulled through die with same volume. Hence, with reduction in the diameter, its length increases. The wire usually requires several draws. It can be successive smaller dies for reaching desired size. American ‘Wire Gauge Scale’ is dependent on this. Using draw plate, it can be achieved on small scale. Using automated machinery, it can even be done on huge commercial scale. Diamond drawing dies and wire drawing process helps change material properties. This is because of cold working.

In small wires, are reduction noticed is just about 15% to 25% while it is 2% to 45% in larger wires. For a specific job, precise die sequence is considered to be the function of output wire size, input wire size and area reduction. With changes in area reduction, there is also noticed reduction in die sequence. You can gain more knowledge at portals.

Generally, fine wires are found to be drawn in bundles. The wires in the bundle get separated by metal having similar properties. However, it also has lower chemical resistance. This is because after drawing, it is possible to be eliminated. If area reduction is noticed to be over 50%, then process might need intermediate annealing step before getting redrawn.

About commercial wire drawing

Generally, it beings with a hot rolled coil of 0.35” (9mm) diameter wire! First, the surface gets treated for eliminating the scales. Then, it is fed within the wire drawing machine having a single or couple of blocks in series. You may research on the process used for Nano Diamond Coated Dies.

The single block wire-drawing machines tend to come with means to hold accurately the dies in its proper position. It also helps draw wire steadily via the holes. The design usually comprises of a table or cast iron bench with a bracket to hold die up. Also is present a vertical drum that rotates. Wire gets coiled around the surface, thereby pulling the same through the die. Wire coil is stored on another ‘swift’ or drum lying behind the die. The wire reels off quickly as desired. For more information on nano dies and wire dies, you may research the web.

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