What’s the difference between a farm sink and an apron sink?

Farm sink

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A farm sink or an apron sink? The CopperSmith Farmhouse Sink has  similar characteristics as a traditional sink, but has an added flair and personality that will help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. You can also customize the sink in different ways, including undercounter and drop-in options and your choice of four different bowl finishes and three different faucet holes. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two sinks to help you choose which one best suits your needs.

What is a farm sink?

A farm sink is traditionally found in larger kitchens, typically attached to a center island. The main feature of this type of sink is that it extends below the countertop for easy access. This often means separate faucet handles for hot and cold water, depending on where your connections are set up.

The most common finish for these sinks is brushed stainless steel, which matches well with most kitchen cabinetry designs. Copper is also very popular for these sinks because it easily retains heat from hot pans, making cleanup easier. Some people like to get their copper plated so it doesn’t tarnish as quickly or require special maintenance like polishing or resealing every year to keep looking shiny and new.

What is an apron sink?

An apron sink, an under-mount kitchen sink, is where the rim of the counter goes up over it. CopperSmith designed these sinks with this look in mind because it fits better in modern kitchens without granite counters or white-washed shaker cabinets. An apron kitchen sink would typically be mounted to one of these surfaces on some frame that creates a tight seal against moisture leakage and holes for mounting accessories like racks and holders for dish soap, utensils, silverware, etc. 

Important differences

The CopperSmith Farmhouse Sink differs from the traditional sink in shape and function. The traditional sink has sharp corners, while this one has round corners to ensure easy cleaning of dishes. Additionally, the overflow drain (which allows water to be discharged through the bottom of the sink) is on this side instead of on top like most traditional sinks. The typical design for a farm-style kitchen would have a large double basin for washing produce. Still, if you want something more functional with less maintenance, you can choose to have only one larger basin or even just a prep sink as needed by your housekeeping needs.

On the other hand, an apron sink refers to a sink that sits at the front edge of the countertop and extends out over its length. It is characterized by a bowl-like structure that sits higher than the countertop so that running water will cascade over it and not spill onto counters or floors below. These are perfect when space is limited because they don’t take up much room. Compared to a farm sink, an apron sink takes up far less space and provides extra functionality in spilling water off into cups/dishes beneath. If you want to use a very large sink, many shapes and sizes are available that might suit your needs better than either of these types.

Which style should you choose?

Between the two sinks, a few different characteristics set them apart. The main difference is in how they were made. A farm sink is created from one solid piece of metal, while an apron-front sink will have three pieces (two front panels with cutouts for faucet holes and one back panel). The installation process for each type varies slightly as well. When installing an apron-front sink, it must be mounted to the wall or cabinet through screws or brackets. With this style, you also need to install trim around all four edges of the hole left by your old drain assembly before mounting it in place. These sinks are often more expensive than a traditional stainless steel farm sink.


The copper farmhouse sink from CopperSmith is their newest product in the kitchen sinks category, giving them one more option for homeowners to choose from. The copper farm sink comes with all of the features you’ve expected, including drainage and under-mount or traditional mount installation. They also have matching faucets, so you can pair them up with your favorite set of faucets.

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