Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for an Ethical Engagement Ring

Important Questions to Ask When Shopping for an Ethical Engagement Ring

Last Updated on July 11, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Shopping for an engagement ring can be both a thrilling and overwhelming experience. An engagement ring is a significant investment, so it’s common to feel the pressure to ensure you’re making the right decisions. 

This process can be even more challenging when you’re trying to select an ethical diamond ring. More and more people are looking to make sustainable ring choices, and this boost in demand has led to an increase in “greenwashing.” This refers to when a company deceptively persuades the public that their products are more environmentally sound than they are.

The reality is, it can be tricky to identify whether a ring is genuinely ethical if you don’t know what factors to consider. When you are shopping for an ethical engagement ring, the key to being satisfied with your purchase is knowing what questions to ask when shopping to ensure that your engagement ring is truly sustainable. 

Here are some important questions to ask your jeweller to help you choose an authentic, ethical engagement ring for your partner. 

Are the Stones Ethically Sourced?

One factor to consider when selecting a ring is how it was sourced. If you’re considering earth mined diamonds, it’s important to ask your jeweller about their practices and relationships with the mines their diamonds are coming from. Do they follow internationally regarded guidelines and best practices? Be sure to ask your jeweller how their diamonds were sourced to help yourself make an educated decision.

If mining as a concept turns you off, choosing lab diamond engagement rings will give you peace of mind knowing that you have selected a ring with a smaller environmental impact.

Custom jewellers like Alexis Gallery are transparent about the sourcing process. As the Top Choice Jewellery Retailer of 2022, they will enhance your ring-buying experience. 

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Do You Use Recycled Materials?

Some jewellers offer repurposed diamonds instead of newly mined gems, since repurposing a mined diamond has minimal impact on the environment and tends to be more eco-friendly. Couples who prefer natural diamonds but are conscious about the environment may opt for recycled diamonds.

Using recycled materials in other ring components, such as the band, is another way to make a ring more sustainable. Ask your custom jeweller what recycled materials they can offer.

Is Production Local?

While diamond mines and production only happen in certain regions of the world, deciding to focus on local production can help make an impact. With less shipping of materials, you’re not only creating a smaller environmental impact, but supporting the local economy.

Work with a professional jeweller to ensure that you receive accurate information about your ring’s production. Transparency in production indicates whether or not the jeweller is trustworthy.

What Sets You Apart from The Rest?

Trusting your jeweller is a critical component of your ring purchase. You can better understand what the jeweller can offer by asking them to describe themselves. They may inform you about their long withstanding reputation, relationships with suppliers or show you samples of their work.

A reliable jeweller has extensive knowledge about each gem they offer and can be transparent about the entire process. A professional jeweller will try to understand your preferences and help you make a more informed decision about your purchase.  

To back up their claims, be sure to do your own research as well to see the types of reviews other clients have left them in the past. 

Engagement ring shopping can be stressful if you don’t go into it prepared. Asking the right questions during engagement ring shopping will ensure that you’re satisfied with your purchase.