When Should You Replace The HVAC Blower Motors?

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The HVAC blower motor is the component of a home cooling and heating system that blows air from the furnace. Motors are a technical part of any system that uses it, and when it comes to its replacement, we do not recognize the signs that lead us to further loss. Before it is too late, we need to observe the signs that clearly indicate its damage and the immediate need for the replacement. Recognizing the initial signs will help us to replace the motor in time, or else the damage to the motor will affect the working of the heating and cooling system of your home. 

The following signs will help you know when you should opt for the HVAC blower motor replace of your heating and cooling system:

Weak or no airflow at all:

An HVAC blower motor is supposed to have a smooth airflow in your home. If you are noticing that the airflow is somehow weak or there is no flow from the vents, you need to take a good look at your motor. The lack of flow can also be because of the vents. To clear your doubts, you can look inside the vents and make sure everything is fine there. And if it is, then the problem is because of the HVAC motor. If the airflow is weak, it means the motor is damaged, and if you cannot feel any air from the vents, then the motor needs to be replaced entirely because it is not beyond repair. 

Weird sounds:

If someday you come home and switch on the cooling system to notice that strange sounds are coming from the vents, you should know that your motor is creating a problem in the working of the cooling system. The cooling system should not produce any weird sounds that distract you at every point in time. If these noises are increasing day by day, it means your motor has come to an end where it does not function for what it is intended to do, and you need to replace it immediately before it affects the working of the other components. 

High energy bills:

If there is no visual indication that your HVAC blower motor is not working properly, that does not mean it is in its proper working conditions. If your utility bills of the month have risen to a great extent, you should know that the motor of your cooling and heating system can be a contributing factor. The significant rise in the bills means one or any other of your appliances are using a lot of energy while running. You will need to check each appliance. The cooling and heating system is a major working system that uses energy and if its motor is not in good shape, say it is dirty, greasy more than necessary or old, then it will be hard to work on less power thus, adding to the cost of your bills.

Old motor:

Age is an essential factor in deciding the replacement of the motor. The old motor will use a lot of power to work properly. The old model of the motor will not be an appropriate component to support your heating and cooling system. The weak or no airflow, weird sounds, and unwanted repairs can be because of the age of the HVAC blower motor. If the motor is not working properly because of the aging factor, you should consider replacing it instead of opting for its repair. Repair of the old motor will not be beneficial if your motor is older than five years. 

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