Doing laundry is something many people find difficult, especially when they do not have the right washing machine. Many washing machines can come under the category of top 10 washing machines under 15000, but before that, a few things need to be understood to choose the best washing machine under 15000 in India. Websites like The Appliances contain a vast sea of information; click here to learn more to help understand and assess before purchasing the best washing machine under 15000 in India.

Some basic concepts that need to be understood by consumers will be explained in detail in this article before coming to the list of the top washing machines under 15000 to assess their budget and needs. With the right machine, washing clothes can be so much more fun instead of being a mundane activity. 

Factors to consider before purchasing a washing machine:

The following are a few basic factors to consider before investing money into a washing machine:

  • Type of machine: The washing machine industry has evolved through generations and has come up with some great designs that help consumers pick and choose from the right bunch. The main kinds of machines are semi-automatic and fully automatic, where most households in India are now finding some of the best fully automatic washing machines under 15000. For those confused about the working of these machines, click here to read about it. Progressive Indian households are now educating themselves about the difference to make the right choice for themselves and their families.
  • The capacity of load: Most Indian families have a larger number of people living together, and hence the number of clothes coming in for a wash on laundry day can be quite large. This is where the best washing machine under 15000 semi-automatic can come to the rescue, as there are options for the person doing laundry to add more load and take shifts to wash. This helps the individual wash in a batch and dry in another, helping them organize and manage their time wisely. 
  • Dryer-washer: The next factor to think of before purchasing one from the best automatic washing machine under 15000 is to check if the washer and dryer are two separate compartments or they are 2-in-1. If a load of clothes is a lot daily, then opting for a machine with two separate washer-dryer compartments is practical as the washing can be done in sets and get done with.
  • Loading-type: Today, there are two major players in the market regarding the type of load in the washing machine, the top load and front load, respectively. It is better to opt for a front-load machine for a larger load of clothes due to more space as it does not have an axial blade. On the other hand, top load machines are a good purchase for small narrow spaces as It fits perfectly.

Apart from the above technical factors, keeping in mind the budget is also equally crucial. Purchasing a washing machine is not only an investment in money but also space and time. If a consumer buys a machine that is not the right size or capacity and invests a lot in it, it is a waste of money and future investment.

Best Washing Machine under 15000 – A quick list:

  • Samsung fully automatic top-load machine: This is a great washing machine that can hold loads up to 6.5kg. Clothes need to be introduced into the machine from the top as it is a top-load machine. This machine takes in cold water at the inlet and not hot water while running at a frequency of 50Hz, and it operates at 230V. It has a digital display that shows the necessary values like the temperature at which the clothes are washing, the timer to be set for drying, and much more.
  • LG semi-automatic washing machine: This machine has a big load capacity as it can take an 8kg load of clothes per wash which makes it ideal for a home with big families. The washing mechanism that the machine follows is roller jet pulsator wash along with a lint collector in place to trap all loose threads and lint that could cause blockage in pipes and subsequently flood the laundry room. 
  • Haier Fully Automatic Top Load washing machine: Haier is a brand known to make some of the best electronics. A washing machine is one of them. This machine is a top-load machine that has a load capacity of 7kg. The timer in this machine can be pre-set and forgotten about as the machine does its magic. This machine has the additional feature of having a good shock absorption system with its container made of stainless steel. The machine has an energy rating of 5 and operates at a frequency of 50Hz and 220V.  
  • Whirlpool Semi-automatic washing machine: This washing machine has a load capacity of 7kg and uses the impeller wash system. Whirlpool, too, is a great brand that makes some of the most popular washing machines found in every 5th home country. It has three different features of wash and has a spin speed of 1450rpm. This washing machine is a top-load machine sticking to the classic aesthetic of semi-automatic machines. 

Doing basic research before investing in a washing machine is key. Do not forget to read the reviews by other customers even if the brands of the machine are well-known brands.


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