Why Buy a Bowie Knife

Why Buy a Bowie Knife


  1. The Bowie Knife owes its name to its originator, James Bowie who is said to have made this

particular knife for his brother, Jim Bowie in the 19th century.

  1. The blade IS 5-12 inches and has dagger shaped sharp edges. It is a little heavier than most knifes

and the deep groove on the topside gives it its most distinct feature.

Why buy a Damascus Bowie Knife?

There are several perks to owning a Damascus Bowie Knife. It is both a hunting knife and a butcher’s knife. The curved top tip of the blade is very sharp which aids in not only remove skin from a carcass but also cut the meat. It is aptly named as a hunter’s knife as it can it can act as a survival tool while camping. It is easy for close combat whether your opponent is a clueless deer or the rival army, as is true to the Spanish army who used the Bowie Knife for close combat missions in the 19th century when guns were scarce and swords were not in fashion. It acted as a small but very effective weapon.

If you are thinking of going camping or just love the outdoors these knives can be very helpful. Bowie knives have a much bigger blade which aids in not only hunting but also skinning and

cleaning the animal. Cut your vegetables with the sharp blade and make a meal. It can be a great addition to the naturalist’s cutlery collection. One knife for all the work; hunting, skinning and the

chopping. It can also cut branches to start a fire. If you need to cut thick ropes for making tents, it’s a Godsend!

Wood carving is an intricate art. It requires very sharp-edged knives. Bowie knife can be an important tool to have as it has the sharpest of blades and the special curved tip is an added bonus. It is a sturdy and heavy knife and will not break easily. The Crocodile dundee knife is a bowie knife, which is used in popular movie called “Crocodile Dundee”.

The knife is also somewhat of a celebrity. It made it’s debut in a film called “The iron mistress” and we also saw the famous actor SylvestorStallon use a similar version in his Rambo movies. After the movies were a hit people just flocked to the knife stores getting their hands on the knife. “The Jim Bowie“ show also added much popularity.

It is also a great collectors item. Newly produces and designed knives start from anywhere between 50 to 200$ but the vintage knives are selling for thousand of dollars. There are a great number of enthusiasts for the knife and if you have a collection you can get a hefty amount of money for your collection.


All in all if you are planning to buy a knife, the Bowie Knife is a great investment. It is a beautiful looking knife with sharp, sturdy blades. It is great as a collectable and as a tool. It is made in a variety of designs by a number of companies so you can choose one to your liking and need.

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