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Why It’s Important to Compare a Word Doc to PDF

Why It’s Important to Compare a Word Doc to PDF

Businesses generate a lot of documents. Just consider all the documents you need for marketing, such as blog posts, webinar scripts, and all the emails for an email drip campaign. That’s to say nothing about the copy for landing pages, reports, and white papers.

There is a good chance that you draft some or all of these in Microsoft Word. You don’t necessarily want to share every document as a Word doc. If you convert a Word doc to PDF, though, you need to compare them before sending that PDF into the wild.

Not sure why it matters or how to do it? Keep reading.

Why Convert a Word Doc to PDF?

One of the reasons why people use a program like Microsoft Word is that it makes it very easy to edit a document. That’s great in the draft phase of a project. Once you complete the document, though, you probably don’t want people changing it.

For example, let’s say you put together a report and use it as a lead generation tool. If you put it out as a Word doc, some unscrupulous person could open it up in Word, made some minor changes, and release it with their name on it.

A PDF file is much more difficult to alter. It’s not a guarantee of security, but it discourages people looking for easy content to steal.

On top of that, you can open a PDF file on most devices, which makes it more accessible for your target audience.

Why Comparison Matter

The Word to PDF conversion process isn’t perfect. Even when you use conversion tools built into a word processing program, errors can creep in.

For example, special characters won’t always convert properly. Tables won’t always display correctly or won’t align in the document the same way. You can even see problems like font changes in the middle of a word or errant misspellings.

These kinds of errors can make you look unprofessional.

How to Compare After Convert Word to PDF

For shorter documents, a basic side-by-side visual inspection is often sufficient to spot errors in the conversion. Once a document gets over 10 pages, though, it gets easy for the mind to wander or gloss over errors.

For longer documents, document comparison software is often the best solution. These applications will typically check for font and spelling consistency. You must still check that any graphics and tables in the document look correct.

Word Doc to PDF and You

Converting a Word doc to PDF is common practice and offers some benefits. It adds a small layer of security around your document, while also making it more accessible.

It’s not an error-free process. You should always compare the documents to ensure that graphics, fonts, and even spelling carry over from the Word doc to the PDF. For longer documents, comparison software simplifies checking spelling and font accuracy between documents.

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