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Why Opt for Complementary Medicines?

Why Opt for Complementary Medicines?
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The health and complementary medicine industry has witnessed a boom in Australia and the South Pacific. But what is complementary medicine? How does it differ from alternative healing? It is pertinent to bust the myths surrounding this form of healing. Australian firms such as Evolution Health have made massive strides in the global marketplace as the popularity of this sector continues to increase.

In simple terms, these are non-prescription medicines readily available in supermarkets, pharmacies and grocery stores. Customers can purchase these products off the shelf without a doctor’s prescription. They are not meant to replace conventional medical treatments but rather supplement them. Hence these products may be distinguished from alternative medicines, which are meant to replace standard treatments. 

Reasons to Choose Complementary Medicines.

Complementary Medicines aid the healing process and help the body meet its nutritional requirements. Complementary products include herbal medicines, vitamin supplements and probiotics (beneficial bacteria and yeast). These medicines have proven to have significant effects on the human body. They are essential for the normal functioning of the body and aid processes such as digestion, concentration and the regulation of the circadian rhythm. 

Therapeutic drugs are still a hotly contested topic, with sceptics raising questions regarding their effectiveness and safety. The Australian Registrar of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) controls and regulates the complementary medicine industry. 

All complementary medicines must be registered with the ARTG and must adhere to a stringent set of guidelines. These guidelines ensure that –

  1. Complementary medicines include only pre-approved low-risk ingredients.
  2. These drugs undergo regular testing, and all claims are backed with proper evidence.
  3. The companies manufacturing therapeutic products only make pre-approved health claims. 
  4. The medicines are manufactured only at approved facilities.

A consumer may safely purchase and use products of complementary medicine, thanks to ARTG regulations. 

The popularity of this form of healthcare is due to people making more proactive decisions concerning their health and lifestyles. In a world ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes ever so critical to take preventive measures to protect oneself. Compromised immune systems may lead to individuals becoming susceptible to disease and disorders. It is crucial actually to understand the different types of complementary medicine and their benefits. 

Body Functions

Probiotics make use of friendly bacteria and other microorganisms to improve digestion. Research has also shown that these medicines may elevate mental health and relieve stress. Regular functioning of the human body improves physical, psychological and emotional health. Due to their wide-ranging benefits, probiotics have become increasingly popular across the country. Evolution Health has become a major player in the global probiotics industry, thanks to its leading brand Life-Space. Probiotics can be universally administered, from infants to the elderly. It is safe to consume and doesn’t showcase any side effects. 

Boosting Immunity

Vitamin and mineral supplements provide the body with nutrients that may not be derived from a standard diet. These nutrients stimulate the production of antibodies and enhance the body’s ability to defend itself against pathogens. It is essential at this stage to avoid risks concerning one’s immunity. Probiotics also inhibit the growth of harmful stomach bacteria. 

Alleviating diseases

Complementary Medicines reduce symptoms of certain diseases. Herbal remedies and probiotics mitigate the severity of allergies and disorders as well. While it may not be the cure, it certainly goes a long way in helping the patient heal and recover.

For further information regarding complementary and alternative medical therapies, click here. In this article. You learnt about why to opt for complementary medicines.

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