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The world of Mens Fashion Clothing and Mens T-shirt

Everything About Different Styles of Men's Streetwear

This year, for my Mens Fashion clothing, I decided to try something new. Maybe some weird combinations or non matching fashion clothing. I wanted to look smart everyday during winters, may it be at home, at my work place or with my friends. This time my wife decided to help me to choose some weird non matching clothes for me to be worn during winters. She knew that my choice for colour, fabric and style was fixed and this time she was hell bent to  change my clothes and my mindset too!!

So, for the first combination , my wife decided on a grey blazer with Navy blue trousers. I was too happy for this combination as this was my favourite choice of fashion clothing. I didn’t tell her anything but was very happy! She wanted me to look the best even it was to be worn as smart casuals or to be worn as formal wear. She also bought me a white shirt with a neck tie. She got me a pair of loafers too. This combination was made for each other. This combination I thought would make me look more stylish and confident.

Next , we got a pair of dark grey trousers along with a black fleece jacket. I liked this combination too. I wanted to wear my jacket with  the blue denims that I had recently purchased. I was happy that my wardrobe was now getting complete with mens fashion clothing for both causal and formal occasions. I also received a white polo necked Mens T shirt. This was WOW! I encouraged and requested her to buy some more combinations. I never had any pleated trousers. So we decided upon to buy a pair of pleated trousers for myself. I thought of many colours but then I zeroed down to beige coloured pleated trousers.  A light blue full sleeves shirt was the ideal combination along with a pair of mahogany brown coloured loafers.

Some more mens fashion clothing were to be purchased.  I got a pair of white trousers which was very sleek. This too was pleated. I wanted to buy a light coloured mens T-shirt so that I could wear a dark coloured jacket on top. A navy blue coloured jacket was decided upon. I think this was the right choice. As for not interfering in her shopping spree, I got a dark green jacket too! I thanked myself for keeping shut. Both these jackets were very elegant and smart looking. I could imagine myself donning these jackets for a very special date.. A Date with my beloved WIFE!!. As my wife is a shopaholic, I think this was just a beginning.

She decided to buy more. This time mens T-shirt as part of mens fashion clothing. Before buying mens T-shirt for me , she had some other plans. She wanted to buy me some men’s fashion clothing for the office wear. A white full sleeves shirt and a light blue half sleeves shirt was bought along with a pair of Dark blue-grey trousers. This colour was excellent and could be worn with any shirt. To pair it up, I got myself a pair of black oxford shoes. This was an excellent office wear that I had always thought of buying for myself.

Now the time had come to buy some mens T-shirt !!

Off we went to the shopping mall to buy Mens T-shirts which were available in various colours. My wife wanted to buy some mens T-shirt keeping in mind the existing summers. She knew that I had preference for  buying lighter shades as whites, light lemon , yellow light green etc. Keeping this in mind she got all the mens T-shirt with assorted colours to fill my wardrobe. Now that I had all the colours for summers we decided to buy some dark coloured mens T-shirt as mens fashion clothing as winters are now round the corner, our preference shifted  to darker shades as black, dark brown, navy blue, dark grey etc . one looks smart, sharp and elegant with different hues and shades .  I wanted to  wear jeans, chinos, trousers with my favourite coloured T-shirt and to  look smart and crispy! Got A pair of good sports shoes for myself as this adds to the beauty of the casual wear.

As part of Mens fashion clothing, the mens T- shirt has a history that dates back between 1898-1931 (Spanish-American war) . These mens T-shirt were very important innerwear and were issued as undergarments to be worn under the military uniform. For rough and tough soldiers it wasA rugged wear for the Military wow! Much has changed over the passage of time. These mens T-shirt were also called a Union Suit previously and now they are named a mens T-shirt now and was popular at that time too and it had now gained popularity more than ever.  Mens T-shirt is now become a very popular statement for mens fashion clothing.

My wife wanted to prove the Multi purpose role of mens T-shirts that can be seen when we use them  when we are out for picnic with our friends and family members. Just bundle up 2-3 of them while going out for treks. She gave me a dark maroon T- shirt which she wanted me to wear for our date.  This elates our mood. We also bought some light weight, trendy and comfortable outerwear for usage in the sports arena, gyms etc. Even though I do not have muscular body still my wife insisted me to buy some trendy slim fit mens t-shirt to show off. Show off my mascular body- which I never had!!

As mens T-shirts are now a global wear we find the younger generation or the Gen-X prefer wearing brighter shades as Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and white. These guys look smart in  these colours as they have to look smart all the time especially for the girls.! Some young boys those who are into serious gymming  have muscular bodies and wear slim fit T-shirt to show off their mascular self. With a pair of blue denims, cotton sh orts they add to their fashion statement. A pair of sneakers can do wonders for these guys!!!

Some bollywood stars like Salman Khan , Di caprio from Hollywood are seen donning mens T-shirt and you’ll find their presence everywhere. As part of mens fashion clothing , mens T-shirts are seen being commonly used in schools, colleges, offices , sports organisations etc. These mens T-shirt can be worn duringsummers, winters or any other season. As mens fashion clothing, mens T-shirt are easily manageable, easy to wear and comfortable. Choose, you’ll look cool!!

My advice is that we should try and look smart everyday may it be our work place or when we are at home spending time leisurely with our loved ones or when we are out with our friends. I also advice to wear a comfortable T-shirt on any casual or semi formal occasion will make you feel good and at ease. The best part is that as mens fashion clothing, these mens T-shirt t can be worn with trousers, jeans, track pants, shorts and even with a lungi!

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