Dresses To Be Worn If You Are Attending An Indian Wedding


We know how Indian weddings are big, gorgeous like a festival for four days. People living outside India fantasize about attending a big fat Indian wedding. All in all, what we as women love is getting ready to look perfect in our attire to make people envy us. Not just that we get too crazy from picking our jewellery designs to match our blouse sleeves design to compliment our footwear. If you are planning to attend an Indian wedding for the first time or someone looking for something new to try when you have got tired of wearing those same traditional sarees then you must read ahead.

Outfit To Attend An Indian Wedding

Chiffon Saree

Nothing looks better than a chiffon saree when you are wearing one. Do you remember Sushmita Sen in the movie Main hoon na? Yes, that appealing look made heads turn. Imagine you wearing cool shade chiffon and a light breeze flows while you make an entry to the wedding almost a celebrity kinda look isn’t it? If you can’t leave your love for saree then you should try chiffon saree at weddings.


If you love combination design, then sprucing up for a wedding greeting is actually your favourite. Erupted maxi skirts that have a few conventional components like zari weaves or embroidery are lightweight, permit air to pass and simultaneously are ideal for events. Match the skirt with a shirt or tank top that again has some desi component.

Salwar Kameez or Punjabi Suit

The salwar kurta is maybe the most agreeable desi clothing. However, to try not to look too plain in a salwar suit at a wedding, give it an exceptional contort with some weighty weaving with a dupatta. In the event that the suit is weighty, do with a lighter dupatta and bad habit refrain.

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All things being equal, decide on a dhoti-style base or a Patiala or a sharara. These bottoms will right away make the look fancier. Pick a texture like crude silk or tussar for your clothing to feel good while watching all the way out of the case.

Light Weight Gowns

You can shut your eyes and buy an ethnic outfit to spruce up for a mid-year wedding greeting. Like we said before, combination clothing will save us this mid-year wedding season. Such outfits are effectively accessible on the web and at stores.

Anarkali Dress

If you have any desire to wear an outfit that has more ethnic components in the look, the floor-length Anarkali dress is best for you.

An Anarkali floor-length dress will save you the difficulty of hefting around an erupted outfit as Anarkali dresses have a wide A-line cut yet are not excessively erupted. The Anarkali dress will likewise have embellishments just on the burden and the boundary.

Accordingly, it won’t be exceptionally weighty. Match such a dress with jarao gems to display that regal disposition.

Lehenga Saree

If you love the combination of lehenga and saree and can’t choose one then you should select lehenga saree for sure where you get to wear saree in lehenga style. Drape your favourite saree in lehenga style or wear ready-made lehenga saree all in all it will never go out of style.


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