Why Are Xpod Vape Kits One of the Best E-cigarettes?

Why Are Xpod Vape Kits One of the Best E-cigarettes?

Last Updated on March 25, 2023 by admin

A great way to enhance your vaping experience is to use the all-important and tasty Xpod vape. Epuffer Xpod reviews show that the Xpod vape kit is one of the hottest e-cigarette products available today. This beginner-friendly vape features a 375 mAh rechargeable battery that is long-lasting enough to meet most people’s needs. 

The kit comes with 3 empty cartridges to allow you to fine-tune your own e-liquids. Users can also add pre-filled pods to their kits. You can find pre-filled pods with 2-3% nic salts and choose from six different flavors. Avid vapers can purchase three packs of pre-filled or blank pods for as little as $12.

ePuffer’s XPOD should not be confused with the ePuffer XPOD Mini. These two devices appear different, but the ePuffer brand also uses different flavors in their rechargeable XPODs that are sold in bottles.

Epuffer Xpod vapes are designed for experienced users who want to switch from combustible cigarettes to healthier e-cigarette alternatives. However, if you live in an area where tobacco or nicotine products remain illegal, you may want to avoid buying them.

Awesome features of ePuffer Xpod vape kits

ePuffer Xpod vapes allow consumers to experience a truly refreshing taste. They are uniquely styled to offer you convenience at your fingertips. The lightweight design of the kits makes them easily portable, which means you can enjoy them everywhere you go.

While the vapor consistency and flavor are on another level, the pods may need to be replaced more often than with other vapes. Nevertheless, Xpod still outperforms the majority of vape kits on the market today. The product rarely leaks, moreover it’s easy to replace the pods and get your recreational job done in minutes.

The Xpod vape kit adopts magnetic atomization technology, and modern versions of the pod include a fast-charging USB-C port and a 1.5 ml pod cartridge.

The good news is that Xpod vapes can be used with a variety of flavors and blank pods; this makes it easier for consumers to refill their e-liquids with assorted flavors.

How does the Xpod vape hit?

If you are using pre-filled pods, you will realize that Xpod boasts a smooth and MTL draw with a medium throat hit. Having said that, some flavors may be more powerful than others.

Xpod from ePuffer doesn’t hit as aggressively as other Juuls- this is so because of the lower levels of nicotine in the kit. Users can expect greater throat hits from 3% kits than that of 2% ones.

Overall, blank pods perform equally, but their throat hit and flavor can vary according to the e-juice you use and the level of nicotine.

Speaking about the downsides of this vape product, some users find Xpods to be rather tight, but it can easily be activated. Perhaps, you don’t need to stress your cheek before you can get the vape to turn on. A little puff is enough to start it. Expect to experience your hit immediately but you need to avoid being aggressive with several consecutive hits.