You Can Finally Plug iPhone Headphones Into a MacBook Pro

You Can Finally Plug iPhone Headphones Into a MacBook Pro

At the point when Apple eliminated the earphone jack from the iPhone 7 of every 2016, the world figured out how to continue turning. Among dongles and AirPods and accompanies your-iPhone Lightning EarPods, there were a modest bunch of various alternatives to push ahead. Be that as it may, when Apple presented its sparkling new 2017 MacBook Pro with three USB Type-C ports, a classic earphone jack, and nothing else it prompted an unusual little issue: Apple’s standard iPhone earphones with their Lightning plug had no real way to plug into Apple’s leader PC, which needs one. For quite a long time, it was an issue that no dongle could illuminate.

Presently, finally, that dongle exists however it’s made by Anker and not Apple. With a female Lightning port on one side, and a male USB-C connector on the other, the connector will at long last let you plug your iPhone 7-or-later EarPods into your MacBook. It’s somewhat steep for such a minor comfort, yet more justified, despite any trouble in the event that you happen to possess one of only a handful scarcely any sets of pricier Lightning earphones like Beats urBeats3, which as of not long ago have been consigned to iPhone as it were.

Since this connector connects to a USB port, Lightning earphones are still a piece hamstrung; there’s still no real way to plug a couple into a conventional 3.5mm earphone jack. Yet, at any rate now, following quite a while and with the assistance of an outsider connector, two of Apple’s most basic contraptions are at long last viable. Steve Jobs would be glad.

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