ZOOM: video calling, online training, and webinars

ZOOM: video calling, online training, and webinars

Do you currently work from home, just like most of the world? Then you probably have little or no physical meetings anymore. Which tool do you use to consult with your colleagues and your customers? There are dozens of tools available. We have chosen Zoom because of previous good experiences and we see many companies around us that also choose Zoom. But what can you do with Zoom? And how do you get the most out of it?

We will indicate in advance that there are currently many articles about various online tools. Many companies use Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or Skype. These are often companies that already used Office 365. We also use teams, for example, but we do not like working because it is very extensive with many options that we do not use.

In addition, a customer must have an account to join a meeting. The advantage of Zoom for us is that our customers do not have to create an account. We invite the customer; he installs the Zoom app and can immediately join the meeting.

Also, in this article, you will not find exactly all the options of Zoom such as the office Zoom background, as there are too many to list. We explain in broad lines what the possibilities are so that you as an entrepreneur (or school teacher) can quickly decide whether this is the tool that will help you move forward in the online world.

What do you need for a meeting in Zoom?

As the host of a meeting, you need an account. This makes simple and basic free to Zoom.us. A free account has a number of limitations:

  • Maximum 40 minutes of group meetings. 1-on-1 meetings are possible without restrictions.
  • Local recording only.

After creating an account, download the app on your computer or phone and you can get started. It is also possible in a browser, but our experience is that it works better with desktop apps.

The people who want to join your meeting or webinar can also install the Zoom app on their device or work from the browser.

Finally, it is also possible to call in via a special telephone number and a code. All information about this can be found in the invitation that you can send after creating a meeting.

Start with Zoom

When you log in to Zoom you will see 3 options that are fairly self-explanatory:

  • New meeting: with this, you start a new meeting yourself.
  • Join: allows you to log in to an existing meeting.
  • Schedule: easily schedule your online appointment and automatically notify the people who need to be there.

Zoom for webinars

Zoom offers an additional option for webinars. In principle, you do not need this if you want to hold the webinar for a maximum of 100 people. You can start a meeting for a maximum of 100 participants with your paid Pro account.

A tip to start a webinar in a structured way is to tick the option ‘Mute participants on entry’ when creating a meeting. This prevents everyone who enters your webinar from being immediately audible. Also, you can use the Office background for Zoom to enhance your professionalism.

In addition, make sure you have a clear policy so that you know when visitors want to ask a question or use the chat for this and only switch on the microphone when someone wants to say something. It is very annoying when you hear children playing in the background, for example, and since many people are currently not only employees of a company, but also teachers, this is a real opportunity.

To prevent people from trying endlessly and not being able to come online until you open the meeting at the agreed time, you have the option to create a waiting room. Here the participants can virtually wait for the host to open the meeting.

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