4 Ways to Know About the Real Meaning, Aim and Function of Education


Last Updated on January 21, 2024 by Asfa Rasheed

Millions of students all around the world are pursuing education. Starting from preschool to getting the PhD degree, the journey they do cover is long. They have to go through several ups and downs, and also, they have to go through several stages of failure and success. But do even the students who do have a PhD degree know the real meaning of education. What is education, and what is the real meaning of it?

Intellectual education influences the head, and value-based education affects the heart. Just the same way, the lift has to go through the first floor to reach the 3rd floor and even the 100th floor. Just the same way, students will have to take the initial stage of education if they want to pursue secondary school and higher education.

For example, Pay for assignment the students to gain knowledge, but if they do not know how to read or write, they will not be able to even read a dissertation.

The concepts they will learn in their initial days have to be clear. Because the things they will know in the last few years of school and in college will be based on these things only, after getting educated how the students can use their education. Let’s discuss all these things in detail.

  1. Primary education – This is the education every student receives in their early days. In this stage, they learn alphabets, different types of colours and other fundamental things such as the different types of vegetables and fruits. As mentioned earlier with the example of lift is that people have to go through the early days and learn those things in the right way. Students need to know what the colour of the sky is and also the name of the fruits and vegetables before they proceed further. In primary education, students have to learn simple English, their mother tongue, science, arts and drawing. In their earlier days, they did not know what Algebra was, and also, they did not know what are all the chemicals they would need for titration. This is also one form of education. After they pass this stage, they will now be able to know advanced things. They will have to solve sums to find out the time, and they will also have to know about the different kinds of chemicals. In this early stage, only students need to know about the real meaning of honesty, freedom, courage and persistence. Parents need to get their children educated, not just to get better jobs. Instead they are also required to make them good human beings. Education is the training of both head and heart.
  • The function of education – Now, this point can be divided into two parts. The first group of people studies just so they can get better opportunities and are able to live their dream life. The second group of people focuses more on the gaining of knowledge and always try to learn new things. Socialisation can be considered as an essential part of education. This is the lifelong process of social interaction with the help of which people are able to acquire their identity in the society. Socialization also has a positive effect on their physical and mental health. They are also able to improve their social skills when they do interact with people. With the help of this interaction, they are able to solve their problems and also make relations in the society. Communication is essential, and it will not only help you to survive in society. Instead, communication skills are needed in your professional career too. Transmission of culture can be considered as another critical point under education. Students learn about the values, beliefs and social norms which are related to their caste and culture. Education can also be used to gain and establish the social placement of one in society. With the help of education, change and innovation can be done in community. For example, the world is always coming up with new rules to improve the life of the people and also new technology is getting introduced with each passing day. All these can be considered as the primary and vital points of education.
  • Aim of education – The aim of education is to provide direction to the whole process of education. Now, this aim varies from person to person because every student does have their own likings and not everyone wants to lead an everyday life by doing a assignment help job. The objective of education varies based on the things in which people are passionate about. For example, if you want to be an engineer, then after finishing school, you will have to study engineering at a college, and after the completion of the course, you can study further, and if you want, you can also get a job. Now, on the other hand, suppose you want to be an actor. In that case, education regarding acting is more important for you. You will have to get into a good acting school after passing class 12 or after graduation. Then you will have to get into theatre and know about the fundamentals of stage acting. And always need to keep learning by which they will be able to reach the heart of the audience. The education of an engineer and the teaching of an actor thus can be said to be very different. Yet they both are learning things in their own field and are trying to get better and better in their profession. This is the aim of education. Just the same way a compass guides the ship and the sailor sails the boat, which will take them to the destination.
  • The final word – In the end, it is the work of the student to get into position with what they have learnt. The main thing which they need to consider is that they cannot stop learning and also they cannot spend their time teaching. They always need to work, and along with that, they will have to learn new things, which will make them more advanced and keep them updated.

Final thoughts

Education is essential for all. Education is needed not just to get a better job but also to be a better human. Primary education is the building for your career, and that has to be strong. Whether you want to be an engineer or you want to be an engineer, or you want to be an actor, you will have to complete your education in the right way.