5 Best Virtual Games For a Successful remote team-building 


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Employers should continually engage everyone in team activities, and virtual games, inspiring people to be more than just employees. No matter if you work for a software development firm, an online retailer, or are in the media, team building will undoubtedly improve your team and business.

Experienced team leaders are fully aware of the value of providing each other with constructive, lighthearted assistance. And they are aware that informal team-building exercises and games are effective ways to boost cohesiveness among coworkers and solidify the workforce. 

In the era of socially distant interaction, engaging your remote team is simpler than you might imagine. The options are endless with a little imagination and the aid of the internet!

Online team-building exercises include virtual activities and games that promote cooperation, goal-setting, and communication in a group. 

They exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and multiplayer configurations are especially helpful when organizing remote team-building exercises. 

Many of these rely on communication and collaboration, which is an excellent chance for everyone to get to know one another better while working together to solve problems or accomplish a common objective.

You should make an effort as a manager to provide challenging activities and virtual games that will help to strengthen those team-bonding elements.

You can use these exercises to start new projects, rearrange teams, use icebreakers, and fast develop group rapport. 

 Here are some fun virtual games to help build and strengthen your team.

Ice Breaker

Your online team-building activities can always start with a set of get-to-know-you inquiries. Use this collection of 100 thought-provoking online icebreakers as inspiration and pick from amusing, perceptive, or brief and snappy questions.

Asking amusing icebreaker questions and having everyone estimate each other’s responses in a quiz is one of the finest methods for a remote team to connect, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Time:  45 minutes

Number of participants: 5 to 15 participants

Needed equipment: video conferencing

Rules or ideas:

You can get to know your team members better by asking icebreaker questions. Have each participant introduce themselves, their title, and their preferred alcoholic beverage before the remote meeting begins.

 A free method of virtual team building for distant workers is to incorporate them into your meeting.

Remote Karaoke

Rules or concept:

  You can attempt to organize a karaoke session with your remote team members to overcome the slight delays with lag in audio and visual during video conferences.

Each participant should be given a song, or you can let them pick their own. Each person should attempt to record a karaoke session in which they sing as well as they can.

Each team member needs to upload the video to the karaoke host, who will host a virtual awards ceremony with the finest songs played and prizes were given out.

Duration: 1-2 hours

5 to 10 participants are expected.

Mics and video conferencing are required tools.

Photo of Your Life Challenge

A creative method to introduce a more personal side to the team members who may not know much about one another, this online team-building activity is also a fun way to use your technology for work-related purposes.

Each team member must use an image they took on their phones to summarize their lives for this entertaining virtual game. It might be a place, a famous monument, a prized possession, a preferred pastime, or a cherished animal. 

The photograph is then distributed to the team’s other members along with an explanation of its significance and background.

Rules or concept:

Ask your distributed coworkers to take a photo of something significant from their private lives, and that’s all there is to the simple rules of this remote virtual team-building game. 

It might be a picture of their family, one from a recent vacation, one of them going about their regular lives, or a picture of some new shoes they just got.

During an online conference, request that everyone involved post the photo. Everyone will have a turn, and you can talk about their decisions afterward.

Coffee Meeting

Consider using the Daily Stand Up concept as the basis for a team-building activity. Set up a virtual coffee meetup each morning.

Rules or ideas:

It is carried out each morning and brings everyone into one team. Everyone is standing during this brief meeting as the participants discuss the tasks they will complete during the day. 

Although it seems wonderful, this is all about the gathered crowd. What about the choice of working remotely?

Find a coffee shop, and everyone on the team should connect there. Over a great cup of coffee, everyone will talk about their daily activities. However, remember to keep talks light and enjoyable as a boss.

Joke of the Week

 Goal: To laugh with one another

 5 to 10 participants.

Timeframe: 5 to 20 minutes

They also assert that laughing is the best medicine in addition to the proverbial “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Therefore, we advise sharing a joke of the week like the team-building activity described above.

Similar to sharing photos, this activity is one that we adore because it’s easy, reveals a lot about the sense of humor of your staff, and involves everyone.

Rules or ideas:

Get every distant team member to write out two truths and one falsehood about themselves the night before a video conference call.

Make sure these stories are from your own life and not from your job.

Everyone then goes around and identifies which statements they believe to be the truths and which are lies after they have all been made.

Give an award to the individual who correctly identified the most.

The Wizards’ War

War of the Wizards is one of the world’s most unique and engaging virtual team building activities. The game is a live, facilitated event that lasts 90 minutes and includes RPG game mechanics, escape rooms, solving puzzles, storytelling and world building.

In this game, a gang of wizards have been engaged in conflict for ages, although no one is entirely sure why. You and your friends take on the role of the wizards’ henchmen, telling tales, resolving puzzles, and accomplishing tasks in order to collect “sparkle points,” cast spells, and do whatever it takes to put an end to the battle amicably. This game is clever, entertaining, radically unique, and ideal for remote teams.

Remote Storytelling Training & Workshops

This approach involves short stories, the Five Elements of a Hack, and additional enjoyable team activities.

This will help build a mutual relationship between your colleagues.

A wide range of roles will benefit from this training program, which will enable your personnel to perform and produce at better levels.

Typing competition

You can start a free online team-building exercise right away called typing races.

To get everyone playing online games together, typing speed races seem like a cute little challenge. Additionally, it’s a fantastic way to develop skills because remote employees need to be able to type quickly.

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