6 Easy Ways to Add Decorative Color to A Kids’ Room

6 Easy Ways to Add Decorative Color to A Kids' Room

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

Everyone deserves a beautiful space, including the kids. You can fill your kid’s childhood days with beautiful memories by creating amazing décor in their rooms. Like most things kids love, color is an essential feature while setting up a kids’ room. 

Creatively adding colors to any space might not be as simple as it seems. However, you can make it happen with simple techniques and creative additions. Do you wish to spice your kids’ room with attractive colors without stress? Below are 6 creative but easy ways to make it happen. Let’s explore!

Hang Colorful Curtains

Curtains make significant statements in the bedroom, especially when it is colorful. Adding curtains to your kid’s does not only complete and filter the sunlight, but it is also a good way of making the room more beautiful.

This option is quite affordable and effective. However, to make them appreciate it and make them happier, you can do well to investigate your kid’s preferred color.

Add Colorful Storage Baskets

Maybe your kids already have storage baskets in their rooms. If they have, that’s perfect, but is it colorful? Does the color add to the room’s beauty, or does it reduce it? Before you get a storage basket with the aim of adding beauty to their room, you have those questions in mind.

With that being said, you will agree that not just any basket will make sense in the room, and it has to be strategically. However, one tip that will help you choose the right basket is to consider the room’s color and the curtain’s color inclusive.

Create A Colorful Book Display

Books should not be a scarce commodity in your kid’s room, which suggests they should already have books of all kinds in their rooms. You can make it more interesting by changing how these books are displayed.

You can also buy additional books that will interest these kids; let them be of various colors that align with each other. Then display it creatively. You can line the books vertically or stack them horizontally.

Use Colorful Wall Art

Your kid’s wall should not be filled with emptiness, and a proper way to ensure that is to add wall art to their rooms. In this case, not just any wall art but colorful wall arts that suit kids. You should know that Kids like colorful things, so dull wall art may not work. 

 However, to make it more substantial, ensure the wall art is a picture of what they like. Some may like sea animals while some would prefer flying animals. The essential thing is to ensure that whatever wall art you intend to use is colorful and tickle the kids’ fancy. 

Install Colorful Lights

Adding colorful light is also very effective and easy. There are numerous colors of light that can aid the beauty of your kid’s room. There are countless ways of including colorful lights in a kid’s room. You can use string lights; you can use a simple-headed bulb with light; you can even wrap twinkle around a painting for them. All these and many more are effective ways of making your kid’s room more satisfying.

Make a collection of colorful toys

Many kids desire to have toys. Get a collection toy for them; be sure that it is colorful, and the kids will like it. And place it in a strategic place in their room to enhance beauty and display color.

Wrapping Up 

Kids are lovely beings and one of their biggest fantasies is having colors in their space. The tips explained are very easy, straightforward, and cheap. You make this kid’s room more satisfying; enjoy the reading as you make it happen. Asides from the above, painting doors, getting colorful pillows, and painting their bed’s frame are other options you can also explore!