9 Effective Ways for Headache Relief


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One of the most common conditions that we deal with is a headache. The pain ranges from mild to severe that can interfere with your daily life activities. A general physician in Karachi shares that tension headaches are one of the common types of headaches.

The painful headache is often unbearable which includes cluster-caused headaches. The most severe headache is also a migraine that is often caused by clusters.

There are many headache relief medications available that can help you but you can also try some natural home remedies.

Let’s explore some of the natural tips for headache relief.

Try yoga 

To relieve the stress, you need to go with yoga poses. Researchers explain that regular yoga helps a lot to ease the pain and also increase the flexibility of your body. A study revealed that frequent yoga leads to a quality life.

A new study concluded that people experience fewer headaches when they stick with a yoga routine. Yoga practice also helps in reducing headache severity and headache frequency.

Avoid the Smells That Cause Headache 

Some smells are strong enough that can cause headaches. Perfumes and cleaning products are often developed from mild to severe range headaches. You can also consider some strong smells as triggers that give more severe headaches. People who have chronic migraine problems are more prone to such strong smells.

Drink Ginger tea

One of the most popular roots is ginger that contains many beneficial properties. It consists of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that ease the pain. Ginger powder is an effective solution for people who have chronic migraine conditions.

Some people experience some symptoms during headaches, such as nausea, vomiting, etc. Fortunately, ginger reduces the risk of nausea and eases discomfort. You can drink ginger tea to soothe the symptoms of the headache or migraine.

Ease Pain with Cold Compress

The cold compress technique is popular for many reasons as it helps reduce the pain and ease the discomfort. 

Studies say that when you put the cold compress on your neck or head area, it decreases the inflammation and constricts the blood vessels. It’s been proved that cold compress soothes the symptoms of the headache and results in less headache pain.

Try Essential Oils 

Essential oils are concentrated and can cause reactions or allergies if you use them directly on any part of your body. Studies share that they contain therapeutic beneficial properties that can help in many health conditions.

A study revealed that lavender and peppermint oils are effective for headache relief. Inhaled lavender oil to reduce migraine pain and soothe its symptoms. You can also apply it to your upper lip area.

Get Quality Sleep 

Sleep affects your overall health. People who sleep less than 6 hours are more likely to experience headaches than those who get quality sleep of up to seven hours. You need quality sleep too, make sure that your room is dark enough and you hear no noise during your sleep.

Avoid Alcohol Intake 

Alcohol is not health-friendly at all as it can cause many damages to your health and put you at risk of developing many chronic health conditions, like lung diseases, etc.

Cluster causes severe headache because alcohol consumption widens the blood vessels that lead to free blood circulation. Alcohol leads to frequent urination that causes fluid loss and electrolytes.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the stem cause of many health conditions. People who do not drink enough water are more prone to health conditions. Drink plenty of water according to your climate. Physical activities also cause sweating, so make sure that you fulfill the deficiency of water in your body.

Avoid Some Foods 

Histamine is a chemical that is found in many foods. Aged cheese, wine, smoked fish, etc. are the foods that contain this chemical. Consuming such foods often leads to a headache. Make a list of foods that develop headaches right after eating them.

Final Thought

Some dietary modifications or supplements can help manage severe or chronic headache conditions. If you get a headache frequently, visit your doctor.

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