Are Maine coon cats good pets

Maine coon cats

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Are you looking for a new pet? I know it’s a tough decision whether you should bring a new pet home or not. There are certain risks in this regard such as, Is that pet friendly with a human? Does it bite? Can my new pet harm my child? These are some issues which can’t be ignored.

Here I am writing a helpful article about whether Maine coon cats are good pets or not? The one word answer is “yes”, these cats are wonderful pets. Here a have narrated some points about why you must pet a Maine coon cat.

Friendly with humans

These cats are very friendly with humans. Infact has ranked maine coon cats as their number one friendliest cat breed.  If you are a cat owner you might know there are certain things that some cats don’t enjoy. Like some cats don’t like to be brushed. Some cats feel irritated when their owner tries to touch their fur. Some cats like to bite their owner which is not good for kids.

If you are worried about all these facts, don’t be. Maine coon cat’s breed is super friendly with humans. These cats love it when their owner touch them, brush them, or gently rub their fur. So if you are willing to buy a Maine coon cat go for it.

Trustworthy about kids

Maine coon cats don’t harm your child, according to this; they are friendly to babies as well. These cats love to lick their owner but they don’t bite. You can leave it with your kid all day long, and trust me your kid love to play with it. These cats can spend all day with your kid and there is no need to worry about it.

Friendly with dogs and other pets

If you have other pets like dogs or other breeds of cats and you are going to bring Maine coon cat as a pet, you have to be careful about certain things, Is your dog or other pet trained to be with other pets? Is your pet is willing to stay in such a crowded environment?

If these things are okay go for it, don’t hesitate, because these feline are superb when it’s about to adjust with other pets.


Maine coons are quite an intelligent breed of cats. It is possible to teach your cat some basic commands. Some Maine coons understand your bad mood and try to avoid you for some time. These cats are well known as family-friendly and genuine loving. They know their owners very well.  You can follow guide about training these lovely feline. Maincoon are trainable and described as “dog like”.

Are Maine coon cats aggressive?

These cats are 2nd largest domesticated cat breed after ragdoll and are well known for their caring behavior. Instead of being aggressive due to their big size, these cats are considered as one of the most friendly cat breeds.

If something happens that these feline giants don’t like, instead of hissing they simply move away from it and hence become a favorite among all cat breeds.


After knowing all these facts Maine coons are the ideal family pet and well known for their loving nature. If you have enough time to play with your pet I would recommend you to buy a Maine coon as a part of your family. These cats do have the ability to follow simple commands and take an efficient part in all games to play with you.

If you are willing to buy a Maine coon cat go for it, surely it will be a beneficial addition to your family as these cats are very friendly gentle beasts, and have a lot of love to give, that give you satisfaction in your choice.

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