5 Aspects You Must Keep in Mind While Buying Office Chair

Best office chair for long hour computer use
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The traditional 9 to 5 work culture is bound to make you sit in an office chair for at least 90% of your office hours. Some people might think working in an environment where you’re sitting, for the most part, is a dream. Well, it’s more like a nightmare for people with back problems. The back pain that comes from sitting in an office chair all day is horrific and often leads to more serious conditions for some people.

Buying the right office chair is very important for people with back problems. Back support and comfort are the most important things to consider when you’re looking for the perfect office chair that makes you say “Yeah, this is THE ONE!” If you’re clueless about what you should look for in an office chair that accommodates your back problems, keep reading and you’ll find out all about it!


We all know how stressful it is to buy anything these days. There are so many options to choose from and they all seem identical. It takes so much time to try out every product until you find the one and in this era of online shopping, there’s hardly anyone who uses store-bought goods. If you need to do research on what qualities to look for in an office chair, you’ve come to the right place!

Are you trying to choose the best computer chair for long hours? Here are 5 aspects that you need to keep in mind while buying:

Adjustable control of seat angle and height.

Having control over the seat angle and height is very important to ensure you don’t have back pain. Easily adjustable control systems are the most important aspect of an office chair, it allows you to adjust the height and angle of your seat as you please. Rigid structures are always bad because they limit your posture to the chair’s default structure. An adjustable control system can help you sit in any posture you want with just a click.

Lumbar support.

The back support and positioning of your back are very important while buying the perfect office chair. Lumbar support ensures stable back support that won’t be affected even if you change your posture a lot. Good lumbar support also naturally corrects your posture and helps you avoid back pain. An office chair with really good lumbar support is all you need if you need help with back pain and have a small budget.

Material of the chair

The materials used in the chair affect its functioning a lot more than you might expect. The use of the right materials is very important to reduce back issues for people working long hours. A cloth seat is the best option for people who sit in office chairs for long hours and are likely to strain their back. Cushioning and stable support in the back is a very important thing to keep in mind when you’re buying an office chair. Excellent padding is important for back support as well.

Dimensions of the seat

When you’re buying an office chair, it’s always better to go for a chair that has extra room for you to sit in any position you want. An office chair should be comfortable and should have room to move around as much as you want. The length and width of the chair should be accustomed to your body’s width and length as well. For a comfortable office chair, accurate dimensions are very important aspects to consider before buying.

Is it worth the price?

Office chairs are designed to provide as much accessibility as possible. They have a wide range of features and perks that usual chairs don’t. The price is on the expensive side because it takes more resources to design an adjustment control cushioned office chair than it does to design a normal chair. However, some office chairs are unusually expensive and provide the same experience as their cheaper options, so while buying you need to try out chairs or scroll through reviews to figure out if what you’re buying is worth the price you’re paying!


Working long hours sitting in the wrong office chair can strain your back enough to give you a lifetime’s worth of back problems. To have an easy and comfortable work experience, it’s important to choose the right office chair. Office chairs are designed for long-term use and therefore have more features. The 5 essential aspects of a comfortable office chair that you can’t overlook are:

  • Easy adjustment control systems to help you change the seat length and angle.
  • Good lumbar support for your back.
  • Usage of proper materials, and cushioning and padding.
  •  Dimension of the seat and the back.
  • If the quality of the product is worth the expense.

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