How Will You Determine If The Attorney Is Right For Handling Your Case In Los Angeles?

How Will You Determine If The Attorney Is Right For Handling Your Case In Los Angeles?

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by rida

Meeting a car accident is both physically and mentally challenging for most people. If you do not know the legal proceedings that occur after an accident, you are like the majority of the population and will require help from a professional car accident attorney. 

Having an experienced car accident lawyer in LA by your side can be a big relief especially when you are suffering from major injuries caused by the accident. Fisher & Talwar is a reputable law firm in Los Angeles that provides legal assistance to people involved in car accidents. Their first consultation is free and you can decide after the consultation if you want to continue with their legal assistance or not. 

Tips to determine if an attorney is a perfect fit for your case

You must develop a comfortable relationship with the attorney as you will need to share a lot of information with him/her that you would otherwise keep personal. When you first meet the car accident attorney, your meeting will comprise of 2 main phases:

The attorney will assess your case:

  • During case assessment, the attorney will ask many questions about the event of the accident to get a picture from all angles. 
  • They will assess all the damages that your car and you have sustained during the accident. 
  • They will go through the terms of your insurance cover. 
  • They will take note of all the facts about the accident and witnesses if any. 
  • They will ask you to bring a police report, medical records, car, and personal health insurance papers, medical bills, and absence from work records. 
  • They can also ask if you have evidence related to the accident like a photo of car damage, your injuries, or of the accident itself. 
  • You will want to know their experience in similar cases in the past. 
  • Their success rate in handling accidental claims. 
  • Will they be directly working on your case or will they be assigning another lawyer from the firm?
  • You will ask about the financial aspect of the case which should include their fees as well.

If the attorney picks up your case, you will be signing various documents including a fee and representation agreement so that the lawyer can formally become your legal representative in the court and can also access your treatment records to be used in your favor.