How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent? Your Complete Guide

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Wanting to become a real estate agent is a noble and fruitful pursuit. Given that the average real estate agent earns around $82,989, landing a job as a real estate agent means you could be set for life. Real estate agents form the backbone of the real estate industry and are in high demand countrywide.

Becoming a real estate agent is relatively straightforward, although different states have different requirements for real estate agents. You have all your papers in check, so how do you become a real estate agent? An excellent question and we’ve got all the answers.

Today, we’ll be showing you all the steps to becoming a real estate agent for a promising career in real estate.

Decide Whether the Career Is Right for You

The first step to becoming a real estate agent is determining whether it’s the right career for you. Do your research and find out about roles, responsibilities, benefits, and much more. Try talking to actual real estate agents to make a more informed decision about being a real estate agent.

Check the Requirements for Real Estate Agents

We already mentioned that real estate requirements vary from state to state. However, some of them apply across the board. Here are a few general requirements for real estate agents.

  • You have to be at least 18 or 19 years old, depending on the state
  • You must be a legal US citizen with a valid ID card
  • You must complete your prelicensing course
  • You must it for and pass your real estate license exam

Keep in mind that these are common requirements for becoming a real estate agent. You should also do research on state-specific requirements to ensure you’re good to go.

Take a Prelicensing Course

Before sitting for a real estate exam, you’ll have to take a prelicensing course. Only accredited real estate licensing schools can offer these courses. Some real estate schools here have a good reputation for churning out the best real estate agents in the country. You should give them a try.

States have different requirements on how many course hours you should take before qualifying for the licensing exam. After completing the required hours, what follows is the real estate licensing exam. The course should cost you around $350.

Sit for the Licensing Exam

The licensing exam is a multiple-choice exam you have to take to qualify for a real estate license. The exam centers on real estate laws and ethics, but other questions are also common. Make sure you study hard for the exam and use all resources at your disposal to ace the test.

Activate Your Real Estate License

If you pass the exam, the final step is to submit your documents to your real estate regulatory agency. On approval of your application, you’ll get a real estate license certificate in your mail, officially crowning you a real estate agent.

How Do You Become a Real Estate Agent, Answered

Becoming a real estate agent should be a breeze with the above information. Next time someone asks you, “how do you become a real estate agent?” we believe you’ll be well-equipped to answer the question.

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