Best Food You Must Not Miss in Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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Setia Tropika is a place you may not have heard of. Follow my footsteps to take you to Setia Tropika.

Setia Tropika, one of the Johor Bahru townships, in Malaysia. This area is owned by Setia Homes. You might think that it is a boring collection of residential buildings. But Setia Tropika is home to many great cafes and restaurants that serve delicious local and international cuisines.

1. Texas Tacos & Grill TTG

Texas Tacos and Grill, a Mexican restaurant that is owned and operated by a family, serves Mexican food. You will find the best candle-lit dinner and cocktails in Johor Bahru. This restaurant is known for its delicious tacos, and grilled steak.

If you’re looking for Mexican food, Mexican Tacos is a great choice. Texas Tacos and Grill’s Mexican Tacos are crispy and crunchy corn tortillas that are wrapped around generous amounts of meat or chicken, diced vegetables, cheese and other fillings. This allows for great variety and versatility.

The delicious combination of avocado guacamole, homemade salsa, and chili pepper adds a wonderful flavor to the dish.

Grilled Mexican Steak is another favorite dish. Their Mexican-style grilled steak is full of authentic Mexican flavors. Grilled to perfection on a hot pan, this Grilled Mexican Steak is a delight for meat lovers.

It is juicy in the center and slightly char-grilled on the surface.

You can try other western cuisines, such as grilled steak or chicken chop, and grilled salmon. These Western Delicacies are unique because they contain Mexican flavors. They taste more spicy, savory, or sweet.

They are currently running promotions where you can enjoy 5% off your bill if they show you their official Facebook Page.

2. DaCheng Setia Tropika

What can you eat when you are hungry at night but lazy to cook? You should not miss the Johor Bahru midnight lok lok. DaCheng Lok Lok Lok will open their sixth branch in Setia Tropika. They offer the same lok-lok menu.

These lok loks are served from the lok-lok van. The sides open up to allow customers to choose their favorite lok loks.

Lok Lok is similar to steamboats. Guests are required either to broil or deep fry their food in hot broth. Dacheng Lok Lok is for those who enjoy spicy food. They will burn your tongue with delicious lok Lok paired with their homemade spicy sauces like the Thai chili, spicy chili, and the classic satay with peanut chunks.

Dacheng Lok Lok Lok is Johor Bahru’s cheapest lok lok, at RM0.80 per stick. You can find it at Setia Tropika, where you can satisfy any midnight cravings.

3. Food Truck Street

Food trucks are a popular trend in Malaysia and Singapore. Do you know there’s a street with food trucks in Setia Tropika? You can get delicious light snacks. This is the place to go if you’re unsure of what to eat.

Deongy Food Truck is the first food truck you should try. The food truck offers Korean and Japanese Fusion cuisines such as Korean 2x Spicy Ramen, Korean Fried Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice.

Their Korean Style Chicken is highly recommended. With a variety of sauces, such as Hot and Spicy or Barbeque sauces and Sweet and Sour sauces, these fried chickens will delight all foodies. On request, you can also get a mixture of two sauces.

You can move on to the next one: HY Snacks. Customers can choose from a variety of choices, depending on their preferences. Oyster is the most sought-after seafood, as it can be grilled and served.

The owner will serve the large, fresh oysters in a variety of flavors such as cheese sauce, garlic explosion and teriyaki wereabi. This dish costs only Rm10 per two pieces.

The oyster may not be able to impress, but the scallop will. Fresh scallops can also be served in the same flavors as oysters. The price for two scallops is RM15. This is slightly more than the oyster.

LikeTea is the place to quench your thirst. This purple food truck now offers a sweet and refreshing beverage. You can choose from a wide range of cold beverages, including chocolate milkshakes and bubble teas.

Each cup of cold beverage is prepared fresh to order in order for the best taste and freshness. LikeTea also offers quick bites if you’re looking for something quick. Crispy Fish Fillets and Breaded Chicken Chops are just a few of the options. Fried Spring Rolls and Fried Homemade Meatballs are also available.

There are many more food trucks than the ones listed above. You don’t have to wait any longer, grab your foodie friends and head to Setia Tropika to explore the Food Truck Street.

Setia Tropika is the perfect place for food lovers, as it has many restaurants and cafes that offer a variety of cuisines. Setia Tropika is also well-known for its hawker centers. From local Malaysian delights to international flavors, there’s something for everyone. Setia Tropika offers a wide variety of seafood, grilled, and vegetarian options.

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