Best Laptop price in Pakistan 2023

Best Laptop price in Pakistan 2022

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Laptops have evolved into virtual computing devices due to their uncountable uses in academic and professional life. That’s why multiple known brands are working to present new technologies in upcoming models. Many notable brands are now considered reputed for buying laptops and launching several models each year. These models often receive good reviews from laptop lovers.

Laptop price in Pakistan is on the verge of constantly increasing due to the significant amount of technology that is packed into these devices. You can carry a laptop with you at any time, making it one of the most widely used items in the human world. Working as a desktop computer, despite their small size, laptops give you the best in both worlds with maximum portability and large memory size. With you can avail yourself this fast pace towards greater portability that has accelerated technology and changed this era dramatically.

From heavier, swifter, more colorful displays to extended battery life, here are some key components that change the price of laptops.

Change in weight:

The feeling of not carrying a heavy load, more space, and weight have made people attracted towards new, less heavy laptops. The average weight of a laptop was around 2.6 kgs a few years back. However, today, it is less in weight, about 1.7 kg or less, for a compatible machine.  

Now, the latest models of laptops are primarily slim, easy to hold, lightweight, and fast. From heavier, swifter, more colorful displays to extended battery life, here are some key components that change the price of laptops.

Avant battery life:

The primary intent of purchasing a laptop these days is to utilize its battery. If the battery option is removed from the laptop, there is no feature in it that is not available in standard computers. That’s why people pay special attention to buying a laptop with a sound and long battery life.

A few years ago, laptop batteries were not extended, but now, manufacturers are focusing on longevity. Dell and HP laptops are now available in Pakistan that can run continuously for up to 10 hours.

High-resolution screens:

The new year has brought some significant changes in the display of new laptop models in the Pakistan market. At we do our best to ship these laptops to your home by maintaining high quality and other standards. Here, you can find both expensive and cheaper systems with higher resolution. We also sell numerous devices that come with 4k panels.

8 GB RAM or more:

In the past, buying a laptop with more RAM was an expensive step, but now as the technology is emerging quickly, even cheaper laptops come with bigger RAM. 8GB RAM is considered standard, and you can easily upgrade it to 16GB and higher numbers. It is quite pocket-friendly and fast. So, now you can prevent your laptop from slowing down by purchasing more built-in RAM and adding extra RAM as well. It will also allow you to manage your work from anywhere and fast.

Best laptop in Pakistan

Many people are looking for a perfect guide to buy laptops in the new year. Indeed, laptops have now become a commodity, and people using smartphones need laptops as well. offers you the best laptop in Pakistan comparing both quality and price. We have the latest generations of major brands offering cheap and expensive ranges for different models. It’s all your choice to select HP, Dell, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9.

We are familiar with the significant importance and massive use of laptops nowadays, which is letting most people buy these devices for education, work, creativity, internet surfing, and gaming.

They indeed store extensive information and allow people to multitask.

Extreme Portability

Regardless, in the middle years, the trend towards extreme portability has accelerated, innovation has changed so fast, and everything that has become more established feels like a dinosaur. Since then, the update cycle has accelerated, and now you can see a lot more benefits in technology. From weight to sharp screens to long battery life, here are some pivotal brands of laptops that can replace old ways.

Apple MacBook

Due to the quality of hardware and software, Apple has become a significant choice for the majority of people in Pakistan. It sure is expensive, but while comparing the features, this brand shows the most attributes, higher quality, and best standards. Apple has made finding the best laptop in Pakistan easier, and now most buyers overlook other laptop brands.

Addendum to the high-speed processing chip, the MacBook’s also come with massive storage and smooth retina displays, making it among the few best options on the market.


Another well-known and the oldest brand making laptops since the advent is Dell. The company’s strong reputation in recent years made it reliable for people. Now, when someone is looking for a robust machine to work, they think of Dell laptops. They are pretty cheaper than Apple MacBooks and resilient. Dell delivers a great assortment of notebook configurations. This indicates you can find the right laptop for your budget.

Hewlett-Packard (HP)

One of the oldest yet most used brands of laptops in the Pakistani market is HP. With a variety of notebook series, HP has sold thousands of notebooks over the years. Its parts are readily available in the market; the hardware is upgraded, weighs less than most Dell laptops, and is considered user-friendly. Whether for educational purposes or work reasons, you can trust HP as a high-quality yet reasonably priced laptop.

How to make a buying decision:

The buying decision of a laptop entirely depends on its usage. If you need a gaming laptop, you clearly need a reasonable budget for it. At the same time, a laptop for educational reasons can be cheap with fewer features. At we make the best efforts to elaborate all kinds of laptops thoroughly for people to make potent decisions. You can check our range of laptops and compare their features to your needs. From many affordable options to some expensive ones, here you have the luxury to compare and select.

For more updates and the latest news from the tech world, please keep checking back when we bring you more updates.

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