7 Best Lighting Trends to Illuminate Your Home in 2023


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Lights are integral to our homes but we hardly talk about them as decor elements.

The lighting trends this season are about to change that notion. The latest designs this year are looking more brilliant and stylish than ever.

Be it a chandelier for your living room or quirky pendant light over your kitchen island or chic ceiling lights for the hallway, the latest lighting trends have covered them all.

Have we piqued your interest?

Then let’s take a look at the best lighting trends that you can adopt to illuminate your home in 2022.

Here you go. 

1. Vintage Designs Make a Bold Comeback

One of the interior design styles that are making a comeback this year is vintage designs. The old-world charm of such lighting fixtures will never go out of fashion. According to the latest lighting trends, vintage designs have become bold.

The use of materials like wood and metal make these vintage designs absolutely stunning. They are rustic and yet elegant. You can adopt an overall vintage theme for your home interiors or use such lighting fixtures to juxtapose both elements. In either case, your living space will get a fresh touch of style.

2. Industrial Designs Get a Contemporary Twist

Now, if you know a bit about interior design, you know how popular industrial designs are. But the latest industrial designed lighting fixtures come with a twist.

This year, industrial lights have become sleek and minimalistic. A complete black finish stands out and makes a bold statement. This year, we will also see extensive use of geometric patterns and cleaner designs.

If you like industrial design style, this trend is simple for you.

Do you like the trends we have chosen for you? Wait, we have more in store for you. We have all the 7 top lighting trends lined up for you in this infographic by Claxy Lighting. Check it out and select the lighting ideas that suit your style statement.

Remember, upgrading your home’s visual appeal is now just a few light fixtures away.

Image Courtesy: Claxy.com

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