5 big players you should avoid in your fantasy cricket team during T20 World Cup

5 big players you should avoid in your fantasy cricket team during T20 World Cup

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Fantasy Cricket is an online sports game that is strategy based and you must build a virtual team of real cricketers in it who will compete in real tournaments across the world. You earn points on the basis of these player’s performance in real-life matches. The goal is to select your top 11 players from the teams that are playing on any given day and outscore your opponents.

Fantasy cricket isn’t simply a game of luck; it’s also a game of expertise that necessitates strong analytical and predictive skills. A thorough grasp of the game of cricket, as well as some study, will enable you to obtain the information you need to overcome the odds and win the game. That means not only knowing the best players, but also players who are risky to include in your fantasy team. Here are 5 players that we suggest you should avoid in your fantasy cricket team during the T20 World Cup this year. 

Navdeep Saini is the Indian team’s weakest player. Despite his pace, Saini has sprayed the ball about and been inconsistent with his line and length. Saini is 28 years old and will undoubtedly improve as he continues to play competitive cricket, but for now, betting on him may prove to be bad for fantasy cricket players.

Mohammad Shami

Mohammed Shami may have played all five Tests against England, but he is the fast bowling department’s weak link. As the touring West Indies saw in 2013, he possessed an excellent approach to the crease and swung the ball in reverse with killer accuracy when he initially came onto the scene.

His run-up has been strained since then, and he has lost a lot of ground. He’s also gained weight, which is never a good indication for a sportsperson, let alone a fast bowler. While he still has the capacity to make the ball bounce off the surface, he is not totally fit due to the aforementioned anomalies. Therefore, we suggest he should not be a part of your fantasy cricket team for the T20 world cup this year.

Suryakumar Yadav

Suryakumar Yadav’s place in a T20 team is being questioned for the umpteenth time in his career. Since the IPL 2021, the young Mumbai batsman has struggled to find his form.

Suryakumar Yadav, who made a great debut in international cricket, is presently suffering from his batting form. He hasn’t scored a double-digit score in his previous three MI matches (8,5,3), which is concerning for a batsman famed for his creative batting style, which allows him to score easily all over the park. He has to get some playing experience under his belt, so he’s a dangerous fantasy cricket pick right now.

Ishan Kishan

Ishan Kishan of the Mumbai Indians has been having a tough time in the 2021 IPL, with a long list of failures that resulted in a game against RCB. Ishan had a tremendous IPL in the last edition in the UAE, earning him a place in the Indian team, but the left-hander has been on a downward spiral since then.

Ishan was recently picked in India’s T20 Worldcup team ahead of seasoned campaigners. Shaping and bettering form can be a lengthy process and Ishan barely has any time to do so with the T20 already happening in full swing. Therefore, he might not be the best player to include in your fantasy cricket team right now.

Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, India’s all-rounder, has been dogged by questions since his selection for the T20 World Cup. Pandya hasn’t bowled regularly since undergoing back surgery in 2019, and his batting form has worsened significantly in recent months.

It has been agreed that he will only be able to play in the Playing XI if he begins bowling and becomes a sixth bowling option. He might not be the best option in your fantasy cricket team.


Before selecting a player for your fantasy cricket team, make sure they have been in good form in recent games. Here are some Dream 11 predictions you should read and don’t select a player just on the basis of his recent performance.

Because your earnings will be based on your performance in a one-off match, recent results and form are more important than a player’s lifetime record. If you’re picking a team for a league, though, opt for class players because they will likely do better in the long term.