Bike To Work Week: May 16th-22nd, 2023


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Bike To Work Week is May 16 through May 22nd, 2022. This spring, high gas prices have led many commuters to consider biking to work. This week can be the perfect opportunity to try riding to work on a commuter bicycle or women’s beach cruiser. Find out more about the National Bike Challenge, the benefits of commuting by bike and get helpful tips for biking with work-related cargo.

Register For The National Bike Challenge

The online platform Love To Ride organizes a Bike Month Challenge. You can register and pledge to ride for 10 minutes or more. This year, Love To Ride is encouraging cyclists to recruit family, friends, co-workers or neighbors to ride in teams of up to 10 riders. The National Bike Challenge offers participants the chance to win fun prizes, and Love To Ride also posts leaderboards online. 

The Bike Month Challenge runs from May 1st through May 31st, 2022, and Bike To Work week is the second-to-last week of the month-long challenge. Participants can continue to report riding statistics to Love To Ride even after the Bike Month Challenge. Get motivated by reading the reasons for riding and riding stories submitted by members or share your own reasons and stories.

Safe & Eco Friendly Choices

When you rely on a bicycle as a mode of transportation, it can be helpful to have a model that you can rely on to go far and fast. There are several reasons why a womens ebike can be a safe and environmentally friendly choice. Rechargeable batteries power electric engines to enable electric bikes to run without fossil fuels and travel at speeds fast enough to keep up with the flow of most street traffic.

An ebike with a 500 watt hour battery can travel at speeds up to 28 miles per hour on pedal assist or 20 mph on throttle power. These models have an unlimited range when propelled by pedal power, and can travel up to 40 miles with pedal assist or 20 miles on full electric power. A 250W e-bike tops out at 24 mph with pedal assist and 15 mph full electric, and has a range of up to 30 miles on pedal assist or 15 miles with throttle power.

Cargo Solutions for Bike Commuters

If you plan to ride your bike to work during Bike To Work Week, you should consider the options available for carrying cargo. Many commuters transport delicate and valuable equipment such as computers or devices. Bags with adequate cushioning and securing mechanisms reduce the risk of damaging precious cargo. Consider customizing your frame by installing a basket, such as the one that comes standard on the back of the most popular electric tricycle for sale, or panniers.

Regardless of whether you have commuted by bike before or not, Bike To Work week is a great opportunity to try a more eco-friendly and flexible transportation method. Biking to and from work also enables commuters to bypass traffic jams and benefit from regular exercise.

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