Blaze Starr Age: A Glimpse into the Life of the Legendary Burlesque Performer, Height, Personal Life, Career, And Other Info

Blaze Starr Age


Blaze Starr Age, a name synonymous with the golden era of burlesque, captivated audiences with her electrifying performances and vivacious personality. Her allure extended beyond the stage, leaving many intrigued by the details of her personal life, particularly her age. Let’s delve into Blaze Starr’s age fascinating life, exploring the nuances of her career, the mystery surrounding her age, and her lasting legacy.

Name Blaze Starr
Height1.68 m
Weight51 kg
BirthdateApril 10, 1932
DiedJune 15, 2015
Birthplace Wayne County, West Virginia

Early Life and Background

Blaze Starr was born Fannie Belle Fleming on April 10, 1932, in the small town of Wilson Dale, West Virginia. Growing up in a large family, she faced the challenges of a modest upbringing. Despite the hardships, Fannie Belle was a spirited and imaginative child, often entertaining her siblings with impromptu performances.

Blaze Starr’s Age

Blaze Starr’s age, 83, has always been a subject of intrigue and speculation, adding to the mystique of her legendary persona. This enigma was further fueled by Blaze, who embraced the ambiguity and used it to enhance her allure on and off the stage. Her ability to captivate audiences with her vibrant performances, regardless of age, highlighted her enduring charisma and talent.

Blaze Starr’s Height

Blaze Starr’s height, 1.68 m, standing at a petite yet commanding 5 feet 3 inches, played a significant role in her stage presence and performance style. Despite her relatively modest stature, she exuded an aura of grandeur and confidence that made her seem larger than life. Her height, striking looks, and dynamic performances allowed her to dominate the burlesque stage effortlessly. Blaze’s ability to captivate audiences wasn’t just about her physical presence; her charisma, talent, and undeniable star quality made her a towering figure in the world of entertainment.

Early Interests and Aspirations

From a young age, Fannie Belle harbored dreams of stardom. Fascinated by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, she envisioned a life far removed from her rural roots. Her journey toward fame began in her teenage years, marked by a bold move to the bustling city of Washington, D.C.

Early Performances

Blaze Starr quickly rose to prominence with her captivating performances. Her early acts were a mix of traditional burlesque and innovative routines that set her apart from her contemporaries. Audiences were drawn to her daring and provocative style, making her a standout performer in a crowded field.

Signature Acts and Style

One of Blaze Starr’s signature acts involved using a boa constrictor, adding danger and excitement to her performances. Her sultry moves and playful interactions with the audience further solidified her reputation as a top-tier entertainer.

Speculations and Public Curiosity

Throughout her career, Blaze Starr’s age was a topic of much speculation. The mystique surrounding her age only added to her allure as fans and media tried to uncover the truth. Some believed she was older than she claimed, while others thought she might be younger.

Official Records and Confirmations

Despite the rumors, official records confirm that Blaze Starr was born on April 10, 1932. Her age was often a point of contention, but she embraced the ambiguity, allowing the mystery to enhance her public persona.

Notable Performances and Venues

Blaze Starr performed at some of the most prestigious venues in the country, including the iconic Two O’Clock Club in Baltimore. Her act was a major draw, attracting audiences from far and wide. She also appeared in Las Vegas and New York, cementing her status as a burlesque superstar.

Significant Milestones in Her Career

Throughout her career, Blaze Starr achieved numerous milestones, including feature performances in major burlesque festivals and appearances in mainstream media. Her autobiography, “Blaze Starr: My Life as Told to Huey Perry,” provided an intimate look into her life and career, further solidifying her place in entertainment history.

Relationships and Romances

Blaze Starr’s personal life was as colorful as her stage performances. She was known for her passionate romances, including high-profile relationships with celebrities and influential figures. Her love life was frequently the subject of tabloid headlines, adding another layer to her public image.

The Famous Affair with a Politician

One of the most notorious aspects of Blaze Starr’s personal life was her affair with Louisiana Governor Earl Long. Their relationship was widely publicized and even dramatized in the film Blaze, in which actress Lolita Davidovich portrayed Starr’s character. This affair highlighted the intersection of politics and entertainment, making Blaze Starr a household name.

Appearances in Film and Media

Blaze Starr’s influence extended beyond the burlesque stage. She made several appearances in films and television shows, often playing herself or characters inspired by her life. Her role in popular culture was further cemented by her involvement in documentaries and interviews that chronicled the history of burlesque.

Influence on the Burlesque Revival

Blaze Starr’s legacy played a significant role in the burlesque revival movement. Modern performers often cite her as an inspiration, and her innovative acts continue to influence contemporary burlesque artists. The resurgence of interest in burlesque owes much to her pioneering spirit and enduring appeal.


Blaze Starr’s legacy as a pioneering burlesque performer and cultural icon is undeniable. Her enigmatic persona, captivating performances, and trailblazing career have left an indelible mark on entertainment. As we reflect on her life and the mystery surrounding her age, it becomes clear that Blaze Starr’s true essence lies in her remarkable contributions to the arts and her enduring influence on generations of performers.


What was Blaze Starr’s most famous act?

One of Blaze Starr’s most famous acts involved performing with a boa constrictor, which became a signature element of her burlesque routine.

How did Blaze Starr influence modern burlesque?

Blaze Starr influenced modern burlesque through her innovative performances and mentorship, and she set a high standard for showmanship and sensuality that continues to inspire contemporary performers.

What was the nature of Blaze Starr’s affair with the politician?

Blaze Starr had a widely publicized affair with Louisiana Governor Earl Long, which became a significant aspect of her public life and was dramatized in the film “Blaze.”

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