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LPG is a versatile fuel and can be used for a lot of purposes. Though it is commonly known as cooking gas but its use is not limited to cooking. LPG is used in different industries for various purposes. A common name for Liquid Petroleum Gas is also Auto Gas that is mainly used for the internal combustion of the engines in vehicles. Due to the increasing price of petrol and diesel, auto gas is gaining popularity all over the world. Today’s customers are environmentally conscious and hence prefer a fuel that is not harmful to the environment. We all know lpg is a clean fuel and doesn’t emit harmful gases .Also when compared to petrol and diesel, it is quite cheaper. As it is a clean fuel the maintenance of vehicles also becomes less thereby reducing the overall cost. Apart from being used as a cooking gas cylinder and auto gas it is also commonly used as a refrigerant. Since butane and propane are both considered to be energy efficient, LPG serves as a great hydrocarbon. In agriculture, LPG is also used for drying purposes .

It is a   great industrial fuel and used in solution heating processes. The paper industry and food processing industry depends heavily on LPG for its production. LPG is a versatile fuel because of its efficiency and environmental friendly approach. The demand for LPG is increasing with its growing popularity. Agencies and distributors are trying to keep up with the demand of LPG by doing constant innovations to provide better customer service. Gas delivery app is one  such innovation by the gas companies in order to deliver cooking gas cylinders on time without any hassles.

Today the world is juggling the problem of climate change immensely. It is one of the most important issues faced by almost all the industries in the current scenario. The oil and gas industry undoubtedly contributes to this situation in a major way. Let us have a look at how.

The oil and gas industry majorly derives its resources from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the non-renewable source of energy that once replenished would take thousands of years to form again. When these fossil fuels, carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gases are emitted that are trapped in the earth’s atmosphere resulting in global warming and climate change. But this is not only the impact, but the others are also noise pollution, oil spills, over mining, etc. The energy demand would never decline, instead would continue to rise in one form to another. The more we step forward towards development the demand would surge.  To counter this the energy sector needs to take all the steps that are essential to switch to more environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy

Currently, we must think about reforming our energy sector and switch to a cleaner source of energy. Some of the oil and gas companies have already made a move to adapt themselves to the transition faced by the energy sector. To ensure that future generations are not deprived we need to consider some of these ways by which the energy sector can get cleaner. They are as follows:

  1. Our planet has an abundant source of renewable energy namely solar energy and wind energy.
  2. We need to actively consider these options and prepare ourselves for the change.
  3. Building proper infrastructure to obtain the required amount of energy from these sources should be the primary step.
  4. We must not overdo the extraction of fossil fuels. It would not only exhaust the resources but would have a major negative impact on the environment.
  5. There should be stricter policies regarding emissions.

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