Buying Guide for Silver Maangtikkas in 2023

Buying Guide for Silver Maangtikkas in 2022
Silver Maangtikkas

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

No wedding is complete without a Maangtika on the bride’s hairline. A maangtika adds a touch to your look with a pinch of glamour to get you the most out of your outfit. Typically, a maangtika is worn by the bride at her wedding, but women have widely worn the accessory in other events as well over the years. The essence of silver maangtika has become a bold fashion statement among women today. Here’s the complete guide for buying a silver maangtika online in 2022.

What Is A Maangtika?

A Maangtika usually consists of a chain with a pendant in the front and a hook at the end side. The pendant goes straight in front of the hairline, and the hook is used for holding the maangtika through the women’s hair. 

According to Indian culture, the true significance of maangtika is that it provides the bride-to-be with will, power, and wisdom as she begins a new chapter of her life. The maangtika also protects the bride from evil and negative energies, according to Indian culture.

How To Find The Perfect Maangtika For You?

Since maangtika is no longer considered marriage-only jewelry, it is widely worn by women worldwide for traditional and casual outings. The simplest way to get a maangtika at your home is to buy silver jewelry online in India. It is a piece of jewelry that highlights your face, and it is very important to know which maangtika will suit your face and which will not. Here’s how you can understand it. Face shape plays a crucial role in getting your perfect maangtika. 

Oval-Shaped Face

Among all the face shapes, an oval-shaped face can go with almost any style of maangtika. Being symmetrical in shape, an oval face is considered the easiest to style a maangtika. You can look for anything from a small pendant to a jhoomar or a mathapatti. Big or small every maangtika will suit your face shape.

Round Shaped Face

Having a round-shaped face, you won’t be able to experiment much with silver maangtikas. You can simply avoid the silver maangtika from being placed on the forehead.

 Square Shape Face

If you have a square face with a jawline and cheekbones, you must go for a chunky front maangtika or a Passa. This will give your square-shaped face a glow which will soften the sharp features.

Heart Shape Face

If you have a broad forehead and a pointed chin, the maangtika you choose should highlight your jawline. You can go for multi-chain maangtikas. 

Oblong Shape Face

With a long and narrow face, a chunky maangtika similar to a square-shaped face will go better for you. But you can take a step further and go for a big chunky maangtika.

Types Of Maangtikas To Choose From

Maangtikas come in various sizes and designs, but on a standard, there are seven types of maangtikas. 

1) Single Strand Tikka

A simple and elegant silver maangtika with a pendant in the front and a chain going behind the hairline. The chain laying across the hairline makes your face look more glowy.

2) Double Strang Maangtika

With two chains and a pendant in front. This type of maangtika is spread across the head. These chains join the forehead with the pendant which is in front of the hairline. 

3) Side Maangtika

The side maangtika is mainly worn by Muslim brides during the wedding. In this type of maangtika, the tikka is laid apart from the hairline to the side of the head.

4) Hairline Hugging 

This is a chained tikka in which the chain hangs below the hairline. This maangtika surrounds the face drawing colossal attention. 

5) Multi-Chain Tikka

With multiple chains surrounding the bride’s hair and a single pendant in the front. This is one of the most vibrant types of maangtika you will see.

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