Canada’s PG Diploma Queries? Dubai Immigration Consultants’ Answers

Canada's PG Diploma Queries? Dubai Immigration Consultants' Answers

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PG stands for a postgraduate diploma which requires a shorter qualification than a master’s degree. However, the academic level is the same. A postgraduate diploma holds 120 credits and has a shorter version ( postgraduate certificate) comprising 60 credits. Variety of courses available in pg diploma such as legal practice course, vocational course, etc. Canada immigration Abu Dhabi helping many students to enrol in PG diploma programs linked to their previous studies. Have a look at some important questions raised by students for a PG diploma in Canada. 

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What is the Value of a PG Diploma in Canada?

A PG diploma is a 1-year program but can be extended to two years. The program is considered significant to get the work opportunities in Canada once completed. Canada considers the postgraduate diploma a career-oriented course and offers several study options matching the student’s previous academics & career. This study plan is very handy to many international students as it’s affordable. 

Most of the time, international students either choose a postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate in Canada. A PG diploma is a shortened version of a postgraduate degree. For international students with less budget or who don’t want to take immense loan stress, PG diplomas are an excellent option to go for. 

Even the PG diploma comes with golden opportunities like internships with certified industries & institutes. The diploma is very valuable as it builds the path to many dreamful jobs. Depending on the length of the study, you get a work permit. For instance, a two years PG diploma offers three years of full-time work. 

Is a PG Diploma Equivalent to a Master’s Degree?

As clearly stated above, a PG diploma holds value like a master’s degree but gets fewer credit points. A master’s degree is a bit more professional courses and varies in terms of subjects. However, for international students, a PG diploma can help them to get a job quickly.

Some may ask for a PGDM’s value in comparison to an MBA. To be more precise, both programs are different. The PGDM only covers a limited yet specific area of management. On the other hand, an MBA is a comprehensive program that covers entire management studies. Seek the guidance of the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada if you have specific doubts. 

What Level is the Postgraduate Diploma?

Canada’s PG diploma falls under National Qualification Framework (NQF), which holds value to a master’s degree. But the difference is in credit requirements as a full master’s degree holds 180 credits and postgraduate diplomas get 120 credits (also mentioned above). 

Is Advanced Diploma Equivalent to a PG diploma in Canada?

Again the value holds mostly the same, but the difference is, an advanced diploma in Canada runs for a 3-year degree course. 

Can I Do a Ph.D. with a PG diploma?

PG diploma is actually not sufficient for students in medicine. Here, you might need to check with the universities’ requirements as they may or not accept it. 


These are some common queries asked by international students to apply for a PG diploma in Canada. However, be certain to consult your nearby immigration consultants to clear the individual doubts. Visit us.