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Safety tips for avoiding car scraps while overtake a vehicle

Life is a race they say, and we all are the participants of this competition. Well, we don’t know about other fields, but when it comes to driving, feel free to call yourself a competitor of other vehicles. (Remember, call yourself a racer, and don’t act like one!) It’s because you are either preceding any vehicle or overtaking another one all through the trip. But do you know there are some safety tips to follow to avoid car scraps when you are overtaking any slower vehicle ahead of you?

Ø  How to overtake any vehicle safely?

Let’s not forget that daily we see lots of accidents happening because of improper overtaking of the vehicle. A single mistake by the drivers and you will have to face severe consequences of your action. This often leaves your car badly damaged, and they have to be given away as car scrap in Auckland to Mega Car Collection. They are known for buying scrap cars at good rates and then recycling them for better. But you can always stay safe from such accidents if you are carefully overtaking your vehicle following the below listed tips.

o   Keep some distance —

Most of the time, when people overtake any car, they don’t keep an adequate amount of distance between the two vehicles. This can be very unsafe and lead to a huge bump between the cars if their speeds collide. That is why it is always safe to stay well behind from the vehicle which you are trying to overtake.

o   Check visibility —

You shouldn’t ever try to overtake any vehicle if the visibility of the road ahead is not clear. If you can’t see what lies ahead of the vehicle you are trying to overtake, then you might bump into another vehicle that may be driving very close by to the one you are trying to proceed. The situation can be even severe if there might be a turn or an exit from that road as well. So, only try overtaking if you know the way ahead very clearly.

o   Check your mirrors —

Sometimes accidents and collisions during overtaking happen because you aren’t aware of the vehicle that might even try to overtake you from behind. And this happens if you miss glancing at the mirror before overtaking a vehicle. So, ensure to glance behind your shoulders and also keep an eye on the mirror before doing the same.

o   Always indicate your step to the driver of the vehicle ahead of you —

Overtaking without indication can be really very dangerous to both the vehicle ahead of you and even the cars behind you. Like, imagine how can anyone know what you intend to do when you are not honking or providing any indication of the same? So, that is why be sure to give a certain indicator that you are overtaking a vehicle and moving ahead.

o   Be patient —

See the logic here! If any one vehicle is going slow, practically all the cars following it would be getting slower too. So, the idea of overtaking that jumped in your mind might be what others would have thought as well. So, try to be very patient while overtaking and don’t overspeed and glance around you to see who others might be interested in this step. This patience is important for everyone’s safety in the queue.

Normally, overtaking happens smoothly without any mishaps! But you never know when it can suddenly turn into a disaster. So being aware of these warnings is essential as these keep you safe while doing so! 

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