Cerner Vs Athena EMR 2023 – Top Features

Cerner Vs Athena EMR 2022 - Top Features
Cerner-Vs-Athena-EMR 2022

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In list of top EMR systems, Athena and Cerner are two most commonly used. Let’s take a look at their features and how they might help in enhancing your medical workflows.

Cerner EHR

Cerner EHR was created and configured by doctors to offer fully operational healthcare software to practices of all sizes and specialties. On mobile phones and tablets, physicians and practice employees may access client data and complete processes, and voice dictation is supported by Cerner’s Ambulatory solution. Cerner EHR’s workflows are completely configurable and cover over 55 different medical specialties. 

Cerner EHR has a very easy-to-use layout and you can safely access client data without any trouble. Ambulatory comprises ePrescribe, nCode, digital lab requisition, and results analysis, all of which are aimed to save time and decrease the risk of human mistakes while establishing a diagnosis. Cerner’s scheduling system is meant to be as user-friendly as feasible for both organizational staff and clients.

Top Cerner EHR Features

Workflow Management

Cerner Millenium is the name of the Cerner EHR system, and its strong features, according to users, save a lot of time. The EHR software enables you to produce, manage, and modify client health records in real-time using the system’s central database. Cerner also offers imaging technology for specialties like cardiology, pain control, and radiology, enabling for more precise diagnosis and treatment.

The Cerner Millennium covers more than Forty medical specialties. Templates and themes may be customized to meet your individual needs and preferences. Speech recognition now incorporates specialty-specific terminology, allowing you to quickly access information using your speech.

Client Portal

Cerner EHR System also comes with a service portal for its clients that allows people to participate in their own health and care. The patient portal is the central location for clinicians and their clients to communicate with one another. This platform may also be used by patients to transmit secure communications.

Patients may quickly book appointments, access clinical data, order prescriptions, update information, and submit files via Cerner EMR’s patient portal. Patients may also communicate with one another, see clinical records, and search for evidence-based research on over 3,000 topics to advance their knowledge.

Medical Charting

The Cerner EMR software includes a dynamic documentation function. The program allows you to automatically shift charting information into data regions of a client’s health record. Any pertinent medical information, such as prescriptions or diagnoses, is promptly included.

The capacity of Cerner EHR to simplify document workflows is well-known. Cerner EHR supports a variety of input techniques, including auto text, voice recognition, speech-to-text, and code words. These functionalities are also available to try out during the Cerner EMR demo.

Athena EMR Software

Athena EMR system is a very popular Medical Software solution. The software was very loved by physicians ever since it was launched. The audience kept growing because of its outstanding features. The program also has an integrated Practice Management (PM) module, which is meant to make administrative and medical billing tasks in a medical practice easier. The EMR system includes features like as e-Prescribing (e-Rx) and built-in specialty clinical material.

Athena EMR Features


It is critical for the job that you communicate with and engages with other medical professionals. As a result, the EMR you choose for managing records must be capable of assisting you in this endeavor. To provide the best possible client care, it is critical to interact with and interchange data with others, particularly in medical systems. With the Athena EMR software, which is developed to foster interoperability, you may connect to a nationwide network. You may also use a data network to recognize your clients and discover more about their health information.

You can transmit and receive simplified patient information based on the appointment type. Your patients may also take part in this process, and they can collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including you, to incorporate the plan of care you’ve devised together.

Revenue Management Capabilities

You must produce enough income to maintain your actual space, gear, pay your personnel, and deliver the high-quality care you are recognized for in any healthcare setting, as much as you wish to offer therapy. All of this is possible when you utilize the Athena EMR software, which is designed to assist you. The billing system, for example, has a rules engine. This aids you in adhering to the normal guidelines while filing a claim.

 Furthermore, you will discover that using the tool allows you to create better claims with a higher possibility of being approved. If you have the correct networking strategy and the ability to give care more efficiently and successfully with the Athena EMR system, you may provide care to more patients and create more revenue. Moreover, by enlisting the services of Athena EMR to manage the clinic’s administrative responsibilities, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to clients while also saving each practitioner around ten hours of labor every week.

Streamlined Admin Tasks

Dealing with paperwork mistakes, administrative tasks, and documentation may feel like an illness in and of itself, and one that physicians aren’t necessarily equipped to handle. Thankfully, Athena EMR’s tools and features are adept at eliminating time-consuming and difficult chores and changing your medical encounter into one that is both efficient and straightforward.

Athena EMR system can handle organizational activities more quickly and effectively than a team of administration staff, which is a big benefit. As a result, the more time you spend caring for clients, the greater the clinic’s influence. Rather than taking a risk when doctors file claims, Athena EMR software will help you prevent denials by amending and resubmitting claims at your facility, improving the chances that the claim will be approved.

Final Words!

Cerner and Athena are two excellent and very well-known EHR Software solutions. If you look at Cerner EHR pricing, it is slightly cheaper than Athena EMR pricing. In terms of Features, both software are pretty good and very well designed. If you want to know more about the mentioned software, you can go ahead and schedule a Cerner EHR demo as well as an Athena EMR demo. By requesting the vendor for a demo, you will be able to know more about the two software deeply and will be able to make a more informed decision. 

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