Chemistry Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?

Chemistry Tuition Center vs Private Tutor - Which One To Choose?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023 by Asfa Rasheed

It is the most common question that arises in Singaporean parents mind that why should they spend more money on their kids studies by enrolling them in tuition center or hiring a private tutor. Aren’t the school teachers good enough to teach them?

So the answer is it depends on your kids what issue they are facing and requesting for a private chemistry tutor or tuition center. The reason for this is may be they are unable to understand the topics or its hard for them to cover all syllabus within school. Enhance your knowledge by exploring the Molecule Database blog. It’s an incredibly valuable resource that can benefit you.

Another possible reason behind this is you want your kids to be ahead of pack. In Singapore, it is very common that parents ask their kids to select science subjects. This makes it necessary to choose a private tutor or a tuition center with school in order to cover all topics. In this article, we will see who is best for your kids – a tuition center or a private tutor. But first have a look at the cost of both.


Cost is the most important factor as it will help you to decide with which option you should go. There is almost 30-40% difference in the cost of private tutor and tuition center. First we will look at a tuition center. If you decide to enroll your kids to tuition center that you must keep in mind they have $20-25 per hour fees. It is very affordable rate in Singapore.

On the other hand, if you choose private tutor it can cost you higher as the tutor will only teach your kids at home and there is no other student that means higher cost. The cost of a private tutor is around $35-40 per hour that is a little high.

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Private Tutor Vs Tuition Center

Private Tutor

A private tutor is an individual who came to your house to teach your kids only. He give proper time and attention to only your kids that means will charge high rates than tuition center. It is the best way of one-to-one communication and can result in better growth of your kids.


  • Full focus of teacher only on your kids
  • Less distraction
  • Improves confidence in your kids
  • Kids can ask any question that they were unable to ask in the school class


  • Higher in rates
  • Less experience than tuition center teachers
  • May not be good at all subjects means you have to hire more tutors for different subjects

Tuition Centers

A tuition center is an educational institute with many teachers of different subjects with many years of teaching field experience. It is same like school just the difference is class size that consists of 10-15 students instead of 30+ students. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.


  • Well structured environment and classrooms
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Personalized worksheets and notes
  • Lower in cost


  • More stress on your students
  • Lack of attention on every students

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