Commercial Solar Panel Installation: 6 Questions to Ask in Advance

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

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Solar power is an increasingly popular option for commercial establishments. It helps commercial establishments cut their power bills and reduce their carbon footprint. While solar panel installations are beneficial, you need to ask some essential questions before the installation. This blog post will list six essential questions to ask before commercial solar panel installation. Read on!

1. How Can I Benefit From Commercial Solar Power?

Solar power is a commercial establishment’s best bet if they are looking to cut their power bills. Some commercial establishments run 24/365. So, it makes sense to install solar panels that can provide 100% power supply round-the-clock.

In addition, commercial solar panel installations also help reduce an establishment’s carbon footprint. And this contributes positively to environmental conservation efforts.

2. How Much Will the Commercial Solar Panel Installation Cost?

The commercial solar panel installation cost varies across commercial establishments. The size and location of commercial buildings also influence costs.

However, it is better to call a few solar panel installers near me for quotes before zeroing in on one. This will help you get an idea of how much your commercial solar panel installation would cost.

3. What Are the Tax Benefits of Commercial Solar Power?

There is a lot of commercial solar panel installation in the U.S. and Canada. Both these countries provide tax incentives for businesses with solar power installations.

In fact, some states like New Jersey even allow businesses to sell back any surplus electricity.

4. Does My Commercial Building Qualify for a Solar Panel Installation?

A commercial building can qualify for solar power only if it meets certain conditions.

At least 75% of the roof should be free from shade during peak sunlight hours. Also, commercial buildings located in cities with high levels of air pollution or snow-covered roofs do not benefit much from commercial solar panel installations.

It is best to avoid commercial solar panel installation on such commercial premises. You may end up paying more than what you save over their lifetime due to decreased efficiency and higher maintenance costs.

Also, rooftops that face north receive less sun exposure compared to those facing south or east.

5. Who Is Liable if a Mishap Occurs During Installation?

It is important to ensure commercial solar panel installation is done safely. There are safety risks involved for workers and commercial consumers when commercial solar panels are being installed.

For instance, if an accident occurs during installation, it could result in serious injuries due to falling objects. It can also lead to costly lawsuits against your business.

As such, you should clearly identify who would be liable for any mishap. The best solar company should be licensed and insured.

6. What Happens When My Warranty Expires?

You should ask solar panel installation companies about the installation warranty. It must be long enough for you to benefit from commercial solar power and recover your investment within a certain timeframe.

Typically, commercial solar installations are warranted for 25 years or more.

However, you must read all the fine print before signing any agreement with potential solar panel providers. This will help ensure peace of mind after investing in commercial solar power systems.

Get Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial solar panel installation is a great way to ensure your commercial business goes green. But you need to consider the above-mentioned points before investing in commercial solar power systems.

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