Is it Common in Australia to Have an Outdoor Hammock?


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Maybe you have seen outdoor hammocks while camping, backpacking, or when visiting a friend’s cottage. No matter where you look in Australia, you will realize that outdoor hammocks have become very popular.

But how did this very simple product get international recognition and acclaim? Why is it loved by many people- both the young and the old?  To answer this wonderful question, we will have to consider the reasons that have made hammocks popular over the years, including their many uses and the available types.

The popularity of hammocks among Australians

Although hammocks had been there almost a century ago, it’s now popular than ever. The total number of sales has doubled globally over the last 5 years, and the worldwide market for hammocks is projected to grow exponentially for the next few years.

Many factors can be attributed to the fast rise in indoor and outdoor hammock sales and among them are that more people are now getting out of their houses and relaxing outside. This can be on the beach, garden, nature part or any other.  Also, very cool and amazingly innovative hammock fabrics are available in the market. High-quality materials such as cotton and nylon are now easily available. Also, some options that can be used in harsh weather and outdoor locations are now more available than ever before.

Finally, individuals and families that are going out camping are choosing to carry with their hammocks. This is one amazing way of enhancing the quality of positive experience which they enjoy when they are spending their time outdoors.

What were hammocks previously used for?

Available information shows that hammocks were used as beds to help keep people off the ground while sleeping, and to help them from being attacked by dangerous creatures at night. However, in recent times, hammocks became popular with the retirees and hippies who appreciated the relaxation and calm that this amazing fiber offers.

Those retirees and hippies passed their love for the hammock to their kids, who are now the largest group of people who are buying hammocks. With their hammocks, they can share the appreciation which spending time in the outdoors offers.

What’s fueling hammock’s popularity in Australia?

1. Portability, ease of use, and convenience

Anyone can set up a hammock these days. It comes with a vast array of accessories that makes it easy to use. The fabrics are portable, light, and easy to use. When compared to a tent, a hammock can be set up with incredible ease.

2. Hammocks can be turned into an experience

Friends and loved ones can share a hammock, and in the process turn it into an amazing experience. With hammocking, you have a perfect way of hanging with your friends and loved ones in the backyard or the park mostly in the afternoons.

3. The versatility that hammocks offer

These days, there is a hammock for everyone, not just that rugged outdoor man residing next door. There are many types, as well as qualities that are available today.

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