5 Common Machinery Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Machinery Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Are you looking to keep your machines in good condition?

Global manufacturers lose almost $1 trillion every year due to machine failures. Without proper machine maintenance, your company may be contributing to this loss. So To make sure that this machinery keeps running optimally, you need maintenance service. If your machinery requires maintenance, Allied Power Group offers options for inspections, preventative maintenance, parts replacement or repairs. The most efficient way of preventing this is through developing best practices for maintenance and keeping a check on all the activities. Read on as we list some common machinery maintenance mistakes: 

1. No Complete Machinery Maintenance Documents

When performing regular machinery maintenance, proper documentation is a must. Maintenance personnel will use these documents to accomplish their tasks correctly.

If you lack these pieces of information, machine maintenance tasks will take a lot longer. It extends downtime while wasting resources. The worst part is your business production is at risk of delays.

Encourage maintenance workers to document their work comprehensively. Let them deposit their work in a secure yet accessible central hub. It’s easier when you have maintenance managers watching over the process.

2. No Replacement Parts in Stock

One of the primary causes of extended downtime is the lack of spare components on-site. Looking for these parts will take time. In some cases, your company can’t afford the extra expenses since the machine is integral to the production.

Keep a stock of high-wear replacement parts since they’re likely to break. As for mid or low-wear components, keep one or two replacements. It will save you if anything unexpected happens.

3. Using Incorrect Replacement Parts

It seems like an obvious mistake, but replacing machinery parts with the wrong components is prevalent in the manufacturing industry. The consequences of this situation will risk utter machine failure.

A method to discover compatible parts is through an expert. Fortunately, almost 57,000 repair services operate in the United States. You’ll have no issues finding a reputable one for your machine.

4. Lacking a Specific Maintenance Plan

If your company has multiple on-site machines, they will likely have varying specifications. It means a one-size-fits-all maintenance strategy won’t work. Some need little to no servicing, while others require high-level maintenance.

Adjust your maintenance plans accordingly to ensure high-priority machines get more attention. This approach allows your maintenance teams to maximize their efforts. At the same time, each machine’s maintenance will be consistent.

5. Ignoring Manufacturer Specifications

Some businesses choose to ignore manufacturer specifications. Often, they trade these to achieve higher production rates. 

If your machine constantly exceeds its specifications, its wear and tear increases. It results in higher maintenance fees. At its worst, you’ll end up replacing it before the end of its lifespan.

As such, consider investing in preventive maintenance for machinery. One of these is machinery painting services. Painting your machine also adds a protective layer to its surface.

Avoid Machinery Maintenance Mistakes Now

These are some common machinery maintenance mistakes. Never let your critical machines fail at inopportune times. Use what you learned to make the most out of your investment.

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