Common Myths That Skincare Specialists Want You to Stop Believing

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Up to 50 million Americans struggle with acne. Another 7.5 million people struggle with psoriasis, and 16 million people have rosacea. With so many people struggling with less than perfect skin, myths have developed about the best methods for dealing with it. The problem is that many myths don’t work or can actually make your skin worse. Skincare specialists then have to work harder to get their patient’s skin healthy and clear.

Check out this list of common skincare myths and stop believing them.

Drinking Water Means Hydrated Skin

You can’t spot treat your body. Drinking more water helps you be healthier, but there is no evidence that it will directly help your skin. This is because the water you drink gets filtered through your body for overall hydration.

Skipping a Face Wash Causes Acne

Not washing your face doesn’t help your acne situation, but it also doesn’t cause it. Acne results from your skin’s oil production, clogged pores, bacteria, inflammation, hormones, and diet. The best dermatologists can provide you guidance on the right acne treatments for your specific skin issues.

Natural Botanicals Are Better

Thanks to clever marketing, people believe that botanical skincare treatments are better and safer because they are all-natural. The problem with these products is that there is no regulation, and they can cause more skin irritation.

Stick with a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand. These are tested and regulated to ensure safety and effectiveness.

You Should Exfoliate Often

Your skin cells naturally shed on their own. You technically don’t need to exfoliate at all. The only exception is if you have a particular medical condition that prevents this from happening.

Many people exfoliate far too often or too intensely. If you need to, gently exfoliate as a part of your routine. Skip the harsh scrubbers and spinning brushes, as these can be irritating.

Toners Are a Must

Most toners use an alcohol-based formula. They are incredibly drying on your skin and strip the skin of all its natural oils. This overly dries out the skin and makes it vulnerable to free-radical damage.

If you insist on using a toner, look for one that has alpha and beta hydroxy. These are gentler on the skin and can help minimize breakouts. However, these ingredients are found in most acne washes, so you don’t need toner.

Eye Creams Do Nothing

When your eye cream has the right ingredients, it can be extremely beneficial. Look for an eye cream that has caffeine to help control inflammation. Other helpful ingredients include retinol, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

These ingredients help to eliminate fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles. You’ll enjoy a brighter and overall more youthful experience.

Listen to the Skincare Specialists

Don’t fall for these common skincare myths. When you use the right methods and products, you can enjoy beautiful and healthy-looking skin. It’s always smart to consult with skincare specialists about your specific skin issues.

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