Complete Guide about Skin-Tags (Identification removal)

Complete Guide about Skin-Tags (Identification & removal)

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In this short paper report, I will elaborate on certain parameters which will clear your doubts about your most frequently asked question that is how to identify skin tags. This is not a major disease and it won’t hurt you unless you rub your affected part of the skin or maybe sometimes sweating can create a little bit uncomfortably. If the skin tag is on the exposed part of the body it can affect your looks. So you have to take it seriously and consult your family dermatologist for better treatment. In this write up I will try to cover some of the most basic information about skin tags so that you people have a better understanding before consulting with any doctor.

Let’s study the identification procedure of these body tags and later I will also share a skin tag removal technique with you guys which will be quite helpful for you.

How to identify skin tags by analyzing metabolic syndrome?

Skin tags are usually found in areas where there’s a lot of friction like your neck or even your armpit but before we go into skin tags and it’s linked to metabolic syndrome what is metabolic syndrome according to the current National cholesterol education program adult treatment plan panel three criteria they define it metabolic syndrome as having these three out of the five characters traits.

Abdominal obesity

It’s defined as a waist circumference in men more than 40 inches and in women more than 35 inches so if you are having a bigger waist than that then you are considered to have abdominal obesity.

Serum triglycerides

If you have a high triglyceride level of more than 150 then you are considered to have one of these traits.

Low HDL level

HDL level is one of those considered good cholesterol so in men if you have less than 40 and women less than 50 then you are considered having one of the traits as well.

High blood pressure

If you have more than 130 over 80 85 or you’re currently on drugs treating you from high blood pressure that’s also one of the traits.

 Fasting plasma glucose

Which is fasting sugar level of more than 100 milligram per deciliter for your currently on drug treatment for hot having high blood sugar may be due to leg diabetes things like that then that’s also one of the traits.

 All of this is considered metabolic syndrome and it is also a scientist insulin resistance so what’s the link between having skin tags and metabolic syndrome. Skin tags are associated with the components of metabolic syndrome. It means you are lacking in any of the above five traits that provide you the answers to how to identify skin tags. So if you start noticing that you get more skin tags make sure you go see your doctor and find out if either you have metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. So, that could be a sign of something deeper that you need to look into.

Latest technique to remove skin labeling

In the previous subheading, we have learned how to identify skin tags, now I am putting forward an advanced technique of skin tags removal. There is a special technique using a hyfrecator (usually called an electric needle) which removes soft fleshy growths permanently and painlessly. Instead of striking an arc, the electrode is energized under low power after contact with the apex of the growth. The skin will immediately begin to turn ashy gray, spreading out from the electrode, destroying every blood vessel in the growth. When the ashy color reaches the base of the lesion, de-energize the electrode. The dead skin will slough off in a day or two.

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