How Cyber Security Should Be the Priority In 2023 And Beyond

How Cyber Security Should Be the Priority In 2022 And Beyond

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Remote working is here to stay for a couple of years. The new hybrid-working paradigm of 2022 offers many benefits to employees and employers, including reduced commuting times and the ability to hire from a larger pool of candidates without geographic limits. But there are certain drawbacks to this model, and one of the main concerns with remote and hybrid work is cybersecurity, as some employees may be more prone to cyber-risks at home than at work. These changes expose firms to cybersecurity and regulatory concerns and potentially catastrophic financial and commercial consequences. However, database consulting services such as Atlas Systems can help organizations.

With remote work becoming the ‘new normal’ shortly, firms must emphasize the cybersecurity of remote workers and offer DBA support to them. Businesses have created connections and remote workflows to accomplish business objectives over the past year. Now, they must evaluate their security through database consulting services and DBA support to ensure that they do not offer cybercriminals easy targets.

The increasing prevalence of digitization has created significant cybersecurity vulnerability, particularly as employees continue to spend more time on their devices. To achieve cyber-resilience, enterprises must overcome significant difficulties through database consulting services and focus on the critical challenges mentioned below.

Workforce Gap

Businesses and database consulting services view cybersecurity as a critical business function. Every organization needs a competent team of skilled individuals, including DBA support, to prevent cyberattacks. Interested personnel from non-traditional security backgrounds, such as risk, IT, data analytics, or engineering, may be able to transition into security roles. Organizations must also educate employees on better cybersecurity procedures when working remotely. 

Vulnerability Management

Firms also struggle to manage their vulnerabilities. The first step is to identify and resolve misconfigurations and other security vulnerabilities in systems. While basic IT governance practices like asset inventory and patch management seem straightforward, many companies struggle with them, and hackers continue to pose risks.

The conversation about asset inventory must include anything connected to the company’s networks and third-party cloud services and focus on patch speed and prioritization. This is vital because corporations sometimes wait for weeks to fix vulnerabilities that hackers frequently exploit within hours or days of release. It’s critical to know a company’s technology to detect and repair problems quickly. While this degree of proficiency exceeds industry requirements, firms must employ it to combat today’s risks.

Insecure Tech Designs

Many risks originate from poorly-built technology systems that frequently use poor design and development methods. This issue grows from appliance producers to watchmakers as the organizations producing technologies grow exponentially. Technologies must become more secure and durable. Intrinsically secured technology is not only less prone to security flaws but also causes meager impact when flaws are detected. This method also reduces the requirement for different security technologies enterprises must run.

The interplay of these three core security areas helps enterprises maximize this opportunity as we continue to navigate this highly technological era, and DBA support can always come in handy.

What Are the Consequences of Cyber Attacks?

A Malwarebytes survey indicated that remote workers were responsible for 20% of security breaches since the pandemic began. Cyberattacks have the potential to harm an organization financially. However, database consulting services providers believe their impacts can go much deeper. Even if no money is involved, the attack can negatively influence a company’s image. Reaction and recovery costs, investigation charges, lost revenue issues, and legal and public relations fees.

A cyberattack also costs you time. Reduced productivity and increased expenditures might threaten business continuity and even future growth. Trust is critical to customers and clients. They want to associate with companies that protect their data.

How to Prioritize Cybersecurity in 2022?

Companies can avoid long-term reputational damage by securing their workforce holistically, including those employees who often interact with consumers and customer data. Database consulting services or DBA support can empower you to adopt a holistic methodology, helping you protect your organization from cyberattacks. 

Recognize that security is an ongoing effort. Maintaining the safety of remote employees regardless of their location is now essential for securing future corporate success. Businesses should implement a comprehensive security plan. Database consulting services organizations can help you implement such measures as they incorporate products and services and use the experience of their security staff.  

Using a comprehensive strategy or with the assistance of database consulting services, you can create, deploy, and maintain an effective security posture that encompasses the entire IT infrastructure and leverages existing technologies.

A comprehensive security strategy offered by database consulting services firms such as Atlas Systems is resilient, flexible, and manageable. This eases up your work and reduces the threat of cyberattacks. Depending on the demands of the organization, the following should form a part in the creation of a comprehensive security strategy:

●   Determining the threats within your organization: Knowing your organization’s susceptibility to attack is essential for adopting the appropriate framework.

 ●   Creating a well-designed, tightly-integrated ecosystem: Many of these can be automated now to prevent an assault from occurring.

●   Recognizing attacks: Understanding the various phases of a ransomware assault can assist you in determining how to defend your organization best.

●   Aligning security strategy with operations: For a well-designed security strategy to safeguard the proper assets and future-proof the business, collaboration with business operations is necessary.

●   Scaling for the future: Leverage managed services to develop at scale continuously. Without a secure workforce, businesses run the danger of suffering long-term harm. You are insured against damage and loss through the assistance offered by reliable database consulting servicesDBA support offered by top firms such as Atlas Systems can help you serve customers and clients with a safer, more reliable service.

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