Decorating a Living Room Using the Golden Rules

Decorating a Living Room

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Saira Farman

A familiar storey goes like this: you’re a clever shopper who has done extensive research to get the greatest design at the best price. Despite the fact that you’ve read the reviews and taken measurements, when the furniture arrives, it doesn’t appear quite right in your room. For best bohemian décor, we can help you out.

Rug Ratio

On the other hand, a sofa should have two legs on the rug and a distance between the furniture and the carpet that is between 6 and 10 inches. So if you have a 60″ Sullivan couch, the rug’s width should be between 72 and 80 inches.

The best way to get the appropriate proportions is to put a smaller area rug over a sisal or jute rug that is ideally proportioned for your room.


When it comes to how many people your couch can comfortably accommodate, the length of the item and the quantity of cushions are the two most important factors. Typically, you should allow 25-27″ of sitting area for each person, or one cushion. You should go for a piece between 75″ and 81″ if you want to fit three people comfortably. Adding a bench cushion to a piece of furniture is a great way to expand sitting options, particularly if it’s going to be a family gathering spot. We can also help you in Moroccan décor.

Styling at its highest point.

Ideally, the height of your coffee table should be around the same as the height of your couch and accent chairs. It’s best to have side tables that are either the same height as the sofa’s arm or a little lower than that.


In order to obtain the right size of TV for your couch, measure the distance between the seat of your sofa and the wall on which you’ll be installing it and divide it by three. For example, if your couch is 120″ from the wall, a 40″ TV is recommended.


Decor objects should be grouped into threes or fives while you’re arranging your room. Balance and harmony are achieved without seeming too symmetrical.

When shopping for accent décor, always search for contrast: two light pieces combined with a darker piece, glossy goods with matte, varied heights, and so on and so forth.


Don’t make your visitors get out of their chairs to fetch their drink. Tables and chairs should be placed as close as possible to one other so that your guests may easily reach their beverages. Check to see whether there’s adequate space between your couch and coffee table: 14-18″ is a good starting point.

Precise positioning

There are a few things to keep in mind when hanging mirrors, pictures or art or a collection of both behind your sofa: make sure the piece or arrangement is roughly two-thirds as wide as your couch.

According to eye level, art should be hung such that the painting’s centre is roughly 60″ above ground level.