What Are the Different Types of Indoor Lighting That Exist Today

What Are the Different Types of Indoor Lighting That Exist Today

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Did you know that the average American home contains nearly 70 different lights? Although it may not seem like it, the small lights that you have in every room can really add up.

Have you ever wanted to change your residential lighting, but you do not know where to begin? Here is a guide to some of the many types of indoor lighting, as well as the best light fixtures for your residential lighting.

Pendant Lights

A popular kitchen accessory, pendant lights make some of the best light fixtures that you can feature in your home. They are relatively easy to install and come in many different styles and shapes.

Changing the lightbulb in a pendant light is simple as well because you have easier access without the aid of a ladder or stepstool. Pendant lights often hang in a row above island or countertop spaces.

Recessed Lighting

If you want a sleek lighting system that does not draw too much attention, recessed lights may be the option for you. You can install a handful of lights in each room for seamless overhead lighting.

Recessed lighting does not stand out, but stays flush with your ceilings or walls. You can easily light a room with recessed bulbs, but they will not draw as much attention to the fixtures for residential lighting.

Task Lighting

Although the overall lighting system in your home is important for functionality, task lighting is equally relevant. These are lights designed for specific uses around your home.

For instance, if you work from home, you may want to think about the lighting in your home office. A lamp that gives good light but limits eye strain is essential so you do not get burnt out from staring at a computer screen.

Accent Lights

If you want to illuminate your favorite home features, then accent lighting is a wonderful solution. These include wall lights that emit a soft glow, or lights behind furniture.

One of the most common accent lights you can buy is one that illuminates your television. Some of them even change colors to match what is on the screen.


If you want a dramatic piece in your home, then a ceiling light such as a chandelier can be a perfect choice. Chandeliers hang beautifully in areas like entryways, foyers, and dining rooms.

To install a chandelier, you may want to call in professionals, such as this service. Chandeliers and other expensive accessories that hang from the ceiling can damage your home if you are not careful.

So Many Types of Indoor Lighting

If you want to change up the mood in your home, you may feel overwhelmed with choosing to light. With all of these types of indoor lighting, you can design a system that works best for the needs of your house.

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