What Are the Different Types of Electric Bikes That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Electric Bikes That Exist Today?
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In the United States, electric bike sales have gone up by almost 150% since 2019.

The reasons for this sudden popularity can be attributed to the pandemic, among other things. The rising cost of gas is also forcing people to travel cheaper, and thus the electronic bike became more popular now than ever. If you want your own, you’ll need to know about the types of electric bikes.

Here are the three basic types of electric bikes.

1. First Type – Pedal Assist

The most popular current form of electric bike, pedal-assist works by using the peddling action of the rider to engage the engine. Once the engine has been engaged the bike will drive itself. These bikes often have a slower top end, with 20 MPH being the common number associated with them.

Pedal-assist has been around for a long time. In the old days, this technology was used by European mopeds, and it has stuck around. Dependable and easy to operate, the only thing you need is an open road and enough room to get the engine going, no special license is required.

Make sure you know your local laws and regulations before using any Ebike, that way you can be sure and stay in compliance.

2. Second Type – Electronic Throttle

In this type of E-bike, the throttle is electronically controlled. The further you engage the throttle, the faster the bike will go. There are no pedals to get going, so the only thing between you and being out on the open road is time and opportunity.

These kinds of battery-powered bikes can get you anywhere you want to go. Whether you’re camping, boondocking, camping off-grid, or going out for a nice evening ride, these bikes are fun and engaging. Like the other electric-powered bikes, this type of e-bike doesn’t require a special license and is still considered a bike.

With the speed limited to 20 mph, this bike is fun, but make sure you have a way to recharge it if you take it out camping.

3. Third Type – Pedal Assist, Faster

Not all e-bikes produced by the bicycle industry are slow. In fact, you can get a pedal-assist bike that goes up to 28 mph. This makes them easy to use on city streets as well as back roads.

They do use the pedal assist, so the operation is the same on a fundamental level. When it comes to these types of electric bikes, you want to be careful, as the speeds can get intense. This is the last basic type of electric bicycle, but there are a lot of variants, so check for information about electric bicycles and what you need.

Types of Electric Bikes and You

Make sure that you have the right batteries for your bike. There are many types of electric bikes and they all take different batteries. Remember that you need enough power for at least several hours of operation. A charging mechanism, either plugged into the grid or solar for those who are off the rig is a must.

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