English Words to Teach About Christmas

English Words about Christmas

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Teaching English in China as a foreign language is about more than grammar, vocabulary or sentence structures. Most of the reputable schools and learning institutions that hire foreign teachers aim at exposing students to a native culture and accent. ESL teachers strive to ensure that standard textbook topics are covered properly along with informing learners about the important traditions, festivals and holidays celebrated in their home country. Foreign teachers teach numerous English words and phrases during Christmas, which is one of the most celebrated holidays in English-speaking countries. Although Christmas is not an official holiday celebrated in China, many people in Hong Kong and Taiwan decorate their department stores and homes with Christmas decorations, trees and ornaments.

English Words to Teach About Christmas

Christmas is an amazing time of the year to have fun and teach English words to ESL students. There are several Christmas-related vocabularies that you can teach and introduce to your students to help them prepare for Christmas holiday conversations and celebrations. Some of the Christmas vocabulary you could use while teaching English in China include:

Bells                                                                   CandlesCelebrateChimneyWreathChristmas carolFireplaceNoelPoinsettiaSleighFireplaceGarlandJollyMerryMistletoe
  • Christmas tree vocabulary includes Pine, Ornament, lights, tinsel and ornament.
  • Vocabulary related to holiday gifting includes bow, gift, wrapping paper, toys and presents.
  • Holiday characters and locations include elves, St Nick, North Pole, and Santa Claus.
  • Religious terms related to Christmas are Wise men, Jesus, angels, manger, baby, shepherds, nativity and stars.
  • Students can learn some of the Christmas foods and cuisine, including Christmas cookies, fruit cake, pumpkin pie, turkey, sweet potato, candy canes, eggnog and cranberry sauce.

Ways to Teach English Words about Christmas


One of the ways to teach English words about Christmas is by reading. A Christmas-themed worksheet is an incredible way to do reading about Christmas words; so much fun. An ESL teacher teaching in China can use crosswords, word searches and match-up exercises when teaching reading in their class. You can teach English words about Christmas by giving your class a Christmas reading comprehension with questions to test their reading skills. You can introduce your students to fun exercises of writing a Christmas poem using the vocabulary you have taught them.


You can teach students English words about the Christmas holiday by instructing them to practice their writing skills in Christmas cards. This writing technique works well with students at lower levels; however, you can increase the difficulty level for high-level or advanced students. You can ask students to write and create Christmas lists for Santa, which is a great way to teach them about the Christmas celebration loved by children in the west while getting them to exercise important sentence structures. You can make the lesson more exciting by collecting Christmas letters and handing out gifts from Santa; this may include chocolates, snacks and sweets.


Watching a festive video or film is a fun exercise and activity for students to listen to English words and get to learn more about Christmas festivities. There are various seasonal clips on different film sites featuring popular characters like Flintstones, Mr Bean and Mickey Mouse that are relatable among students of all ages. If you are an expat teaching in China, you should ensure that you watch a film with your students, followed by a short discussion or question about the contents of the film.

Practising the various English words about Christmas through writing, listening, speaking and reading is one of the ideal techniques and ways to ensure that students get to learn about the Christmas festivities. Students will learn about the different Christmas vocabularies and appreciate this celebration conducted in the majority of English-speaking countries.

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