Everything You Need To Know About Corflute Signs

Everything You Need To Know About Corflute Signs
Corflute signboard

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A Corflute signboard is a minimal and effective way to promote your business. The corflute signs are a great option for making temporary signs. They can, however, live for decades if properly cared for!

Price Screen & Digital signs are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your company, products, and services. They’re particularly well-suited to small businesses where every dollar counts. You’ve probably driven around your neighborhood and have seen these without realizing it.

These are best suitable for marketing purposes and enhance awareness among people.

What exactly are flutes?

Corflute, sometimes known as perforated polypropylene, appears to be plastic. You’ve almost certainly seen them utilized in marketing activities, such as political campaigns or realtor businesses promoting homes for sale.

Because corflute signs are so strong and lightweight, brilliant colors may be easily printed on them. It allows you to make your characters stand out from a range without worrying about print quality or color fading. On the other hand, signboards made of paper are more vulnerable to damage in extreme weather and sunshine.

You won’t need as many long poles to hoist your signboards because they’re lighter than traditional signboards. It lowers your marketing costs while also making your campaigns appear more sophisticated!

Why corflute signage?

Less costly

When you need a low-cost sign, Corflute should be your first choice. It is less expensive than other signboard materials like palettes or metal sheets.

Portable and ultralight

Corflute is an ideal choice for easy portability because it is so light. You can easily transport them or store them in the trunk of your car, and you’re ready to go!

Hassle-free installation

Corflute boards are lightweight and easy to install. Your presentation boards will be ready in no time, whether you use clips, fasteners, screws, tape, or cables to secure them.

Extremely adaptable

These boards can be customized in a variety of ways. You may make everything from small-scale tabletop signage to massive, large-scale graphics! All figures and sizes for 3D signs are available.


Because Corflute is constructed of plastic polymers, it lasts a long time and keeps your artwork looking beautiful. Even during Australia’s scorching summer months, the sun will not affect this sign board material. Price Screen & Digital Corflute indicators are also moisture resistant and almost impossible to ruin by hand.


To get a better and clearer view of flutes, you can simply browse the Price Screen & Digital website and check the various ways of utilizing coflute signages. This can help your enterprise grow well and increase your business’s visibility. This ultimately will result in better business opportunities and outcomes. They will assist you in making the best signboard decision for your business. Services like them create your signboards using your company’s existing logo design, which complements your marketing strategy flawlessly. For extremely eye-catching and engaging corflute signages, you can get in touch with them at any moment and gather more information on corflute signs!

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