Facts You Need To Know About Data Science

Data Science

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Nasir Hanif

What is Data Science? (Introduction)

From various structural and unstructured data, data science extracts information and insights by using processes, scientific methods, algorithms and systems. This is a multi-sectoral field that deals with machine learning and data mining.

It is the idea of collecting statistics so that one can understand and analyze the real phenomena, also with the analysis of data and all the methods relating it. In various fields, it utilizes techniques and theories developed regarding computer science, mathematics, domain knowledge, statistics, and information science.

Good career

By both job-seekers and hiring managers, data science has consistently been a highly sought-after field with salary estimates and a 56% growth in job opportunities from 2018. LinkedIn ranks Data Science as the most inspiring career of the year. So, taking professional Data Science Courses will further improve your portfolio and make you stand out in a Job interview.

Moreover, in a year, it makes an average of $116,100.According to Glassdoor, thus, it is the most beneficial option for a career.

Growth of jobs

Behind the expansion in jobs compared to other industries, there are three reasons:

  1. In the analysis, becoming a more data-driven association, investing has proven ROI for associations. It can also help companies cut costs.
  2. We can easily do jobs from home.
  3. In these economic conditions, it is especially valuable. To follow pandemic-related behaviours, fabricate new models, and estimate market trends and simulations to understand recovery opportunities, various companies are on the list of data scientists.

Learning data science

A number of free data science courses are available to learn these skills. To immediately learn about it, online classes can be a great method. The following are some of the most famous, free, short and comprehensive courses we’ve named below that you can do to learn about it if you are serious or just want to get an overview, based on your interest.

  1. Path, Code-academy
  2. Programming, Udacity
  3. Learn Python and Learn SQL, Code-academy
  4. Machine Learning, Coursera
  5. Introduction to Using Python, Udemy
  6. Deep Learning, Coursera
  7. Machine Learning, Coursera

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