Follow These Tips To Stay Aloof Of Blocked Drains

Follow These Tips To Stay Aloof Of Blocked Drains
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Drainage systems are an inextricable part of our existence. Nearly every day, we brush our teeth, bathe, clean our dishes, and engage in other water-related chores. As a result, our plumbing system has always been in use of blocked drain, Adelaide.

The drains are an important part of every home’s water pipes. In reality, a blocked drain Adelaide can shut down the whole home’s plumbing system. After all, such issues arise at the most inconvenient times and are frequently significant.

Although there are viable remedies for unblocking drainage and other drain problems, the best course of action is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. So, how can you keep your drains from being clogged? Routine maintenance and certain favorable usage practices are effective preventative strategies.

What Can You Do if Your Drains Are Obstructed?

What flows down a drain while cleaning, scrubbing, and flushing are the most common causes of clogged drains in a home drainage system. “How to avoid pipes from being clogged in your household?” would be the following concern if we adopt the ‘prevention is preferable than cure’ philosophy in this scenario. We have certain solutions for you, but first, let’s review some basic guidelines for using drains in your house.

  • The easiest strategy to avoid clogging is to avoid flushing any undesired materials down your drainage, like hair, filth, kitchen waste, and so on.
  • Chafes should always be used to plug drains. A grate or chafes prevents pieces from making their way into the outflow and causing clogs. Purchase a couple and install them in your laundromat, kitchen, or bathroom sinks, as well as bathroom faucet, drains.
  • Fat, greasy items and oil residue should not be poured down the drain. Because these residues are soggy, they become trapped in the middle of the drain. They obstruct the drain and restrict it, emitting nasty odors in the process. Releasing oil down the drain is not a good idea. Allow the oil to harden before disposing of it in the trash.
  • Your downspouts and drainage systems must always be free of debris. This implies that you will frequently clear leaves and yard waste to prevent drains and downspouts from becoming clogged.
  • Shrubs and roots can clog drains because, once inside, they develop quickly to take control of the waterways. Growing huge trees or bushes near your house is not a good idea.

What Should You Eliminate To Minimize Toilet Blockages?

Understand how your lavatories were built and utilize them accordingly. Anything other than toilet tissue and body waste should not be flushed. Contact Blocked Drains Statewide for issues and queries relating to your bathroom drainage emergencies. 

  • Wet wipes, especially ‘flushable’ bathroom wipes, baby nappies, and stovetop wipes, should never be flushed. Rather, throw them away in the trash.
  • To avoid a catastrophic clog, respond to slow-draining lavatories right away. Timely screening allows you to remove the build-up as quickly as feasible. The delayed draining might be caused by a blocked or damaged drain in rare circumstances.


Feel free to contact the professionals at Blocked Drains Statewide if you suspect a plumbing disaster. We have the greatest plumbers available to assist you with your clogged drains and other drainage difficulties, so call us immediately!

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