8 Tips for Choosing Interior Colour for Your Home

8 Tips for Choosing Interior Colour for Your Home

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Are you planning to renovate your home?

So, what colours are you picking for your interiors?

One of the many factors that many homeowners consider when renovating is the paint colour of their property. This includes the roof, exterior walls and interior structures of the house. Some also wonder whether the colours they’d choose for the interior of their home would complement the entirety of the building.

In a few instances, each owner of the rooms may want a different colour than the rest of the house. For example, while the entire house is painted blue, your eldest son may want his room black or your youngest daughter may want her room pink and yellow.

But how should you choose the general colour scheme inside your house?

8 Tips for Choosing Interior Colour for Your Home

Always Begin with Your Personal Preference

The idea of repainting your interiors is to have a space that you will be happy and comfortable with. So, the best thing to do is to follow your personal preferences.

Imagine this, your walls are painted green but you’re not happy with it. Sure, green is light, cool and refreshing to look at but it’s not the colour that makes you enjoy the space. You come home tired from work – while your home should be your sanctuary, your walls just won’t give you that.

In most instances, people are drawn to the visual appeal that their home provides. If you want cream instead of green, then follow what your heart desires. This way, you’ll feel invigorated when you come home after a very long day.

Match it with Your Furniture

If you do not have any colour preferences and you find it difficult to choose a colour scheme, try matching it with your furniture. Look around the house and take note of the colours of things that you feel you have a connection with.

Let’s say, the lavender throw pillows in your living room, the painting of skies in your room and the beige coffee table by the bar. You may use these 3 colours as your references and choose one to paint your walls with. You can use the other 2 for finishings or paint the other rooms with them.

Find a Colour Scheme Inspiration

Another good way to choose an interior colour for your home is to find inspiration. For instance, the last time you went to an art gallery, there was this painting that captured your attention. If you feel like using it as a colour scheme for your home, do it.

Dark to Light Colour Scheme

This painting tip is based on the colours of the outside environment. If you are strolling down the city or the countryside, notice how the ground we stand on has the darkest colour hue. The buildings and infrastructures have a medium shade and the skies are definitely the lightest.

A dark to light colour scheme for the interiors of your home creates a wonderful connection to the outside world. So, perhaps you can choose a dark shade of brown for your floor, a medium shade of blue for your walls, and a light grey hue for your ceiling.

Consider the Impact of Light

One of the many things that you should factor in when choosing the right paint for your interiors is the effect of light on the colours as well as on your property. Whether it is the natural light coming from the sun and the moon or the artificial light from your fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

Try to observe how the shades of colour change from sunrise to sunset. You will see that the paint on your walls look brighter in the morning and warmer in the afternoon. Similarly, fluorescent lamps bring a cooler feel to your interior paints while incandescent lights make them darker.

Research on the Latest Trends

Another workable tip is going with the trends but this is not an absolute solution. While the latest trends can be a smart way to paint your interiors, they may not be as engaging as following your preferences or finding a good inspiration.

The great thing about going for the latest trends, however, is that they are in season and many homeowners tend to like the idea.

Apply Colour Psychology for Rooms

Have you heard of paint psychology?

Many paint experts highly recommend using a colour scheme that can influence your mood or feeling. Every colour exudes a certain ambience or aura to the room that can affect how the person living in it thinks and feels.

Let’s say you wanted a feeling of peace and relaxation, then the lighter shades of green, blue and violet are good choices. If you want some energy, passion, strength and love drawn into your room, then reds are the perfect hue for you.

Get Innovative with Neutral Colours

One of the best ideas in painting your interiors is to go with neutrals. If you think they are boring, then get innovative with them.

Maybe you can take 3 different shades of beige and use them for your living room. You may also try 2 shades of grey and off-white for your bathroom or perhaps 2 shades of brown and light pink for your dining area. The best thing about neutral colours is they never go out of fashion.

These are just 8 amazing tips that you may want to consider in painting the interiors of your home. You may also follow these tips when painting the exteriors of your property.

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