7 Fun Things to Do in Key West in 2023

7 Fun Things to Do in Key West in 2022

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Are you wondering what to do in Key West in 2022?

Key West is a great place to visit no matter what you like to do. From show-stopping encounters with nature to great food and even historic sites, everyone in your party will find something to love.

But what are some of the “must try” things to do in Key West?

We’ll get into everything you need to know about below. Keep reading so you can make the most of traveling to the Florida Keys!

1. See the Great Florida Reef

Did you know that Key West is home to the only living coral barrier reef in the United States?

Fortunately, there’s a way to immerse yourself in it, too! Book a reef tour, climb aboard a spacious boat, and jet out onto the crystal clear Florida waters. When you get to the reef, a snorkeling instructor will teach you how to use the equipment. Then, you’ll get to explore the reef yourself!

It’s home to 600 different species of corals, fish, and other sea creatures. Plus, you may even get to enjoy refreshments on the boat!

2. Go on a Sunset Dolphin Watch

Do you love looking at sunsets? Have you always dreamed of watching dolphins play out in the wild?

In Key West, you can do both by reserving a spot on a sunset dolphin watch trip! On the day of your reservation, you’ll board a boat, sail out into the waters, and watch for dolphins as the sun goes down. Many outings also feature a fantastic wine and soda selection along with chef-created hors d’ oeuvres.

3. Food and Cultural Walking Tour

Do you spend hours trying to figure out where to eat on vacation?

If so, try the Southernmost Food and Cultural Walking Tour. On this excursion, your party will walk to the places locals like to eat. There, you’ll get to try all types of different food, getting the full Key West culinary experience.

As you walk, your guide will fill you in on the city’s rich history!

4. Ernest Hemingway Home

Do you love literature?

If so, you should book a tour of the Ernest Hemingway home. Hemingway lived in Key West for 10 years, during which he wrote his most prominent books.

5. Harry S. Truman Home

Hemingway wasn’t the only famous person who lived in Key West!

Former President Harry S. Truman built a home in the area. Inside, you’ll find his memorabilia and furnishings.

6. Ghost Hunting

Like all cities, Key West has its fair share of the supernatural.

Join a group of skilled ghost hunters as they travel the city at night, looking for those who have passed on. These night tours are perfect for those who enjoy a good spook!

7. Party Boats

Have you ever partied on the water?

Reserving a party boat is one of the best things to do in Key West! These vessels make a perfect bachelorette party boat.

Got Your List of Things to Do in Key West?

Now that you know all about the things to do in Key West, it’s time to book your trip!

Many people prefer going to Key West in the summer. If you want to go at a less tourist-filled time, consider coming in the fall or spring. Many amenities will still be available!

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