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Pixel graphics

Last Updated on February 9, 2023 by Faiza Murtaza

Games with pixel graphics were examples of visual art in the 80s and 90s.

Users still love this genre of games, although today, the most popular ones are games with realistic graphics. However, you can feel the NES/SNES eras vibe again if you try one of the games that we describe in this article, including the Bonetale.


It’s not for nothing that we put this project at the top of our list. Its got release in 2011, but users still haven’t forgotten about it. However, you can use this game the way you prefer, since it is a sandbox game. There are non-player characters and the main character, and then you’ll feel at home in this game.

This game was created specifically to search for minerals and to develop the internal structure of the environment. Your task is to find as much raw material as possible from which you will build some objects in the future, such as a house or a fortress.

Stardew Valley

This is another very popular game with pixel graphics, which you will love if you appreciate the previous one. This is a role-playing game that tells you about a character who inherited his grandfather’s farm. You’re going to have to do a complete overhaul of this place.

In the course of the story, you will be able to grow crops, as well as create tools and sell them on the local market. Communicating with citizens is one of your future tasks. All this will help you develop your character and earn points.


This is perhaps the most popular game in the pixel art genre. This is also a sandbox game, and your main task as a gamer is to explore the history of the game world and local territory. You can also create objects there and extract building materials or food for sustenance.

This game has two modes, such as Survival and Creative. The first will help you with the subsistence extraction, and the second one will allow you to use the in-game blocks at your discretion. All you have to do is use your imagination to do it.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Many gamers know this character even if they only watched an anime-style adaptation. However, this is a legendary game that will work perfectly on any modern mobile device. This is an adventure game in which you will perform a task to rescue stolen animals and collect all Chaos Emeralds.

You should do this faster than the protagonist of this project will. There is such a combat move as Spin Attack, which helps the main character of this game to get rid of obstacles and eliminate all enemies in advance or at the moment of direct collision with them.

Final Fantasy 2D Pixel Remaster Series

There is a legendary series of games titled Final Fantasy, and this is it’s fifth. However, you can try this project even on a mobile device. This is a remake, but you will run the old task, which is common in the original game. Now, this game has quality graphics and a beautiful soundtrack, as well as a more global plot.

The main characters of this project are four young men who have one goal, such as carrying a crystal with a magical element. Initially, this crystal was a creation, but later Elemental Fiends made it a grim item. Four Light Warriors must bring these crystals back to their homeland and thereby bring salvation to their realm.

To the Moon

This game will give you a full immersion in the plot as it has a very interesting essence and backstory. Although it’s a pixel game, you’re going to love this saga about the adventures of two doctors named Rosalene and Watts. There are also elements of psychology such as artificial memories and memory changes.

There are not many methods of game control. It has weak mechanics and a saturated plot. You will solve puzzles and explore the memories of an old man by looking at his home and the objects in it.

So, there are still many pixel graphics games that you will surely like even if you prefer projects with realistic graphics.

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